Modern Use of Tomahawks

Most gamers would recognize tomahawks since they are used in modern warfare games like the Call of Duty. However, tomahawks are still widely used outside the virtual world. They can be used for many tasks related to camping, hunting, and even for self-defense.

Tomahawks are great for wood chopping, building shelters, and as a survival weapon in the wild. This can also be used in entering kinetic buildings, glass breaking, and forced opening of vehicles during rescue operations.

As a self-defense weapon, tomahawks would be the top choice. If you’re uncomfortable with keeping a gun, this tool can serve as a lethal alternative. Tomahawks can also protect you from wild animals that you might encounter in outdoor activities.

Tomahawks are relatively lightweight and compact compared to bulky and heavy axes. You can simply pack this with your daypack and carry it during longer outdoor journeys.

Things to Consider In Choosing Your Tomahawks

Types of Tomahawks

Throwing tomahawks have weight and balance equipped for throwing activities. Long handles and heavyweights give you slower spins and ideal for beginners who are still adjusting their throw. Heavyweights have a bigger impact and ability to travel farther.

On the other hand, breaching tomahawks are tougher and heavier because of their purpose. It is best used in breaking and opening doors, smashing windows and other tasks related to search and rescue.

Cutting Edge

If you choose a longer cutting edge, you need to find a bigger and heavier axe head. This will give you a greater force in your swings because of the added weight and edge length. With this length and weight, chopping woods and opening doors would be easier.

Tomahawks with circular cut-outs on the cheeks are comparatively lightweight though the cutting edge has a regular size. This is a good option if you don’t feel comfortable with bulky tomahawks but still prefer a large cutting edge.

Narrow cutting edge will be able to pierce deeper with each strike because of a smaller amount of resistance. This type of cutting edge is best for vehicle extractions during emergencies and piercing heavy-duty materials.

Handle Length

Longer tomahawk handles give increased force when swinging and these are bulkier but not heavier. They are ideal for wood splitting, chopping trees, opening doors and vehicle opening during rescues.

They can also break locks and pierce tough materials such as Kevlar, sheet metal, wood and heavy plastic.

Tomahawks with small handles are effective in close quarter use and are compact and lightweight. If you opt to use your tomahawk in hiking, close distance self-defense, and precise chopping, this would be your best pick.

Blade Material

Most tomahawks are made of steel and it is important for you to check the quality before making a purchase. You need to make sure that it is made of a good quality and will not break easily. Vintage styles are made of stone and meant to last longer.

Blade material is an essential thing to consider and it’s better if you can test the tomahawk beforehand.


The connection of the blade and handle is extremely important. It must be sturdy to make sure that the blade will never come off when you swing your tomahawk. The blade should be deeply connected to the handle.

A flimsy connection between the blade and the handle is dangerous for you and the people around you.


In considering the size, you should have a clear idea of your tomahawk’s purpose. If you’re planning to use it during outdoor activities, you want something that will not take up too much space. In this way, you can pack it and use it easily.


The grip of your tomahawk is an important thing to consider. You want something that will feel comfortable and easy to manoeuver.  Traditional designs can give you a better grip because of the wood carvings.

On the other hand, modern tools with good design and quality are also ergonomic. A good grip material will not be affected by perspiration and will be able to mold itself according to your hand shape.

Spine and Beard

Modern tomahawks have supplementary sharp edges in addition to the normal cutting edge. If the spine and beard are also sharpened, they provide an extra advantage for tactical use. This further increases the advantage and gives you options for attack and defense.


The rear side of the tomahawks is usually flat or rounded. However, modern tomahawk designs can sometimes have a spike on the back. The ideal back type will depend on the purpose of your tomahawk. Nevertheless, both flat and spiked backs can break the glass.

The flat back is suitable for hammering, pounding, opening doors forcefully, and breaking locks. They also give you the convenience because they are easy to carry and deploy. Spiked backs are great for piercing, prying, and self-defense purposes.

To Conclude

Tomahawks are rich in history and have always served as a reliable weapon since the Native American times. Today, they are versatile and powerful weapons used for, from recreational activities to survival purposes and even for rescue operations.

There are a lot of things to consider before choosing the best tomahawks. Choose the one with features that will better serve your purpose. However, you should not forget to check if it is ergonomic enough to give you comfort.

Lastly, make sure that you equip yourself with proper training if you plan to use a tomahawk. Proper knowledge will help you use this weapon more effectively and will prevent accidents. Who knows? You might be able to save others or your life with a tomahawk someday!