How to Choose the Best Tactical Boots for You

What You Should Know About Tactical Boots

Best Tactical boots keep you well protected while providing you with enough stability and support for your feet. These kinds of boots are sturdy enough to help you stabilize your movements and supply additional strength for your legs.

Compared to other kinds of boots, tactical boots are designed for the purpose of military or public safety enforcement. The best tactical boots should be durable to ensure that it will not break down while you’re on the field.

To accomplish your duty, your tactical boot must help you and not hinder you from performing well. It should assist you to be fast and responsive and support your feet in any extreme movements.

Moreover, you need to have a clear idea of the purpose of your tactical boots. The right material, design, and fit would all account for the performance of your footwear. Therefore, it should be compatible with your needs in order to assist you better.

Features To Look Out For When Buying Tactical Boots

Parts of a Tactical Boot

The main anatomy of a pair of tactical boots consists of the tongue, collar, eyelets, and the upper for the topmost part. For the bottom portion, it is composed of the toecap, insole, lugs, outsole, and the rand.

Though these are the basic parts, it is important to check the stitching and sturdiness of these sections to confirm durability. The stitching and the overall structure should not have any loose parts or seaming.

Good Fit

The fit is a non-negotiable matter you should consider when choosing a pair of tactical boots. The fitting will have an effect on your comfort and movement. The right fit will also help you to prevent any injuries.

The right size of tactical boots should give you enough toe room even after the natural swelling of the feet. The correct fit would give you a finger width of space behind your heel if you slide your foot all the way to the front; otherwise, it will be too big for your feet.

In addition to, a good fit should secure your heel. It should never be too tight but snug enough to make sure that your heel stays in place while you walk. You can adjust the laces to improve the fit and prevent blisters.

Withstanding Weather Conditions

The best tactical boots should also be able to survive different weather conditions. It should work at its best when the sun is up and also when the rain pours hard. Some type of boots does not allow your feet to get wet even if gets submerged in water.

Waterproof tactical boots are often made with Gore-Tex Lining to allow air flow while keeping your feet dry. There are some boots with special features to help you move comfortably in extremely hot or cold weather situations.

The weight of the Boots

Your tactical boots should not give you unnecessary weight to restrict your movements during combat operations. The excessive weight of the boots will hinder you from moving easily and rapidly.

Lightweight tactical boots are often equipped with flexible soles to provide flexibility and comfort. Luckily, there are a lot of options available in the market that offer advanced features without the heaviness and bulkiness.

Different Types of Boots and Their Best Uses

There are various kinds of boots offered in the market designed to serve specific purposes and situations. Each kind of tactical boots is manufactured in a distinctive way with designs that will offer better effectiveness.

Standard Issued Boots

These are the basic type of tactical boots that are commonly used in the army. Though basic, they can provide water resistance and they are firm enough to stabilize your foot.

This kind is often used for navigating rough terrains during training or combat. However, this particular type of tactical boots is straightforward yet durable enough to be versatile. If you are looking for boots that you can also use in hiking, this could be your best pick.

Jump Boots

If your duty requires frequent jumping and traversing through uneven roads, you need a pair of jump boots. With this type, the ankle area has a better support, heels are airborne optimized and the soles are rubber-mad

Tanker Boots

Tanker boots are specially designed without laces to avoid getting tangled with the moving parts of a tank. Unlike other tactical boots, this has leather straps to replace the usual laces. They also offer heat-resistance to avoid sweating in the feet.

This is best used in forests surrounded by huge branches and tree roots. To maximize the level of protection, they are equipped with steel-made toe guards, gusseted tongue, heel guards metal inserts. All of these parts can protect you even from the sharpest rocks.

Boots for Extreme Weathers

Tactical boots for deserts are not just simply heat resistant. These aim to quickly get rid of excessive heat in extremely hot and humid weather conditions. To make this possible, steel protective inserts were covered and drainage vents were enclosed to block the sand.

On the other hand, there are tactical boots designed for cold climates. They can be either just waterproof or made for tougher weather situations. Others are insulated with wool or rubber to withstand temperatures up to -20 degrees.

Jungle boots, on the contrary, allow water flow inside the boots but are designed to dry them out quickly. There are special eyelets and mesh footbeds that allow air circulation and eliminate moisture.


To Sum Up

Whatever purpose your tactical boots will serve, the best tactical boots should always provide you with comfort and lightweight movement. The boots should be durable enough to protect you from different elements you will encounter as you fulfill your duty.

The factors mentioned are just some of the basic things you should consider in choosing the best tactical boots. Your hunt can still narrow down by considering different brands and prices in the market. You can also consider return policies and warranties offered.