Top 50 World’s Most Incredible Hiking Trails You Must Visit

The world, an otherworldly grandeur of land and terrain, excites the most unrelenting adventure seekers. For the modern-day hikers, choosing a destination is undeniably difficult.

So many places, so little time...or money.

Let’s travel from west to east, north to south, and leave no continent unturned as we go through the top 50 of the world’s most incredible hiking trails you must visit that will leave you dumbfounded and awe-stricken!

​1​. Mather Point, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

mather point sunrise

​A household name to the seasoned and novice hikers, Grand Canyon really lives up to its name. Grand and exquisite views of monumental cliff edges will make you either love or fear heights. Mather Point, one of the most famous trails, has some of the most climactic views of the Grand Canyon. Accessible on the southern rim of the canyon via the South Rim Visitor Center, it’s a safe hike for the whole ohana. If you prefer to shy away from the 5 million visitors that come yearly especially during the summer, take a night hike with the moon’s luminescence leading the path.

2.  Angel’s Rest, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Angel’s Rest Columbia

This trail is nothing short of angelic because of a phenomenal view of the river underneath. You will feel physically superior, standing on a 2,000-foot gorge looking below the Columbia River. Getting there doesn’t require buckets of sweat, as it is a short 4.8-mile two-way hike with a walk-in-the-park to moderate steep ascent. The drive duration from Portland to the trail-head will even make it more accessible to get to as it only takes 45 minutes! So get your cars ready!

3.  Cracker Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

Cracker Lake Montana

The hike from the hotel-starting point is approximately 13 miles and about 1,600 feet in altitude. In addition,it will unveil the beautiful Cracker Lake hidden beneath the final rim. Prepare to be open-mouthed because of the picturesque Siyeh Wall and Siyeh Glacier backdrop that adds a more dramatic effect to the lake (as if the lake is not dramatic enough).

However, if you want to witness this glacial beauty, I suggest you do it now before it’s too late. There are only 26 glaciers left now. Decades ago, in 1850 to be exact, there were about 150 of them, and because of climate change; by 2020, it will be totally eradicated and will just remain as beautiful memories in our picture frames.

4.  Mountains-to-Sea Trail, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

Mountains-to-Sea Trail - North Carolina

Also known as “The Land of Waterfalls”, the average hiker will never get bored indulging in a walk in the wilderness, coastal swamps, colonial towns, and barrier islands. You can explore almost 1,200 miles of an easy-breezy footpath across North Carolina from Clingmans Dome to Jockey's Ridge. Volunteers also work hand in hand to pave the path for the avid trail seekers. You can actually volunteer too! Who knows? They might name a trail after you!

​5. Alpine way, Iztaccíhuatl (Ixtacimhuatl), Puebla, Mexico

Iztaccíhuatl Mexico

​Not for the faint of hearts, this 2-day hike can lead to unfortunate casualties because of climbing fatalities and altitude savagery. The Iztaccíhuatl is the 3rd largest volcano in Mexico. And did I mention it has a twin? The better half is Popocatépetl (2nd largest) which erupted in 1994, making the former a more popular pick for hiking, but only to the physically capable!

​6. Lares & Salkantay Trek, Peru

Lares & Salkantay Trek

​In case the Inca Trail is congested with like-minded hikers, you can opt for these two equally stunning and famous treks, Salkantay and Lares Treks, which will take about 4 to 5 days including a trip down to the ruins of Machu Picchu. Nevertheless, for your safety, try spending the initial 2 days of your trip to Cuzco to acclimatize to the high altitude. You don't want any mishaps along the way!

​7. Quilotoa Loop, Ecuador

Quilotoa Loop- Ecuador

​There's no better way to experience an outdoor hiking trip than to immerse with the local people that are part of the place's history. Villages and tribes are no different! The Quilotoa Loop, through the Andean Trails, encompasses around 125 miles of pure locality. A stomping ground for Andean locals, you will feast your eyes on charming Andean Villages and markets with 2 to 6 days of hiking, depending on your preference. However, that’s not all you’re getting from this hike, Quilotoa, being an old volcano, holds a breathtaking turquoise lake in its crater. And if you stay long enough while the sun is still up, the lake changes color, syncing with the sun’s exuberance!

​8. Pati Valley, Chapada Diamantina National Park

Pati Valley, Chapada Diamantina National Park

​Unadulterated hiking adventure at its best. No superfluity in food and accommodation, everything offered here is basic, to say the least, but fits just perfectly to the fascinating scenic landscapes. Some even mow it down to the very basic sustainability like using solar-powered refrigerators! Anywhere where there's cold beer is luxury, right?

Enjoy promenading along dry riverbeds, rivers, and streams that stretch from 10 to 22 kilometers. Although the heat might sometimes slow you down a bit, the waterfalls are there at your disposal, when it's time to take a refreshing dip.

​9. Ciudad Perida Trek, Colombia

Ciudad Perida Trek, Colombia

​This is a must-visit for the self-sufficient hikers! If you’re looking for a raw and exciting adventure with magnificent wildlife encounter, this should definitely be on top of your bucket list. It’s a 5-day hike from Marta region to an astounding archeological site, The Lost City; where the charming infrastructure dates back to the 8th and 9th century! Throughout the journey, taking delight in forest biodiversity, splendid hills, river valleys, and local communities is common and highly enjoyed.

​10. Santa Cruz Trek, Peru

Santa Cruz Trek, Peru

​Regarded as the highest tropical mountain range in the world, Huaraz is a moderate 3-day trek in the Cordillera Blanca regions of the Peruvian Andes. You will definitely feel like a tiny speck in a colossal collection of mountains with around 6,000 meters of height and greatness! The hike will leave you awestruck with unsurpassed views of blue glacial lakes, sandy desert, or the high mountain snowy peaks of Tauliraju, Rinrihirka, and Paria.

​11. Point Lenana, Mount Kenya Summit, Kenya

Point Lenana, Mount Kenya Summit, Kenya

​Not for the average Joes and Janes, Point Lenana is a physically demanding hiking peak, whicha whopping 4,895 meters of total dramatic volcanic massifs are sitting over the central plains of Kenya. With a hodgepodge of native flora and fauna, you might get lucky and chance on strange-looking hyraxes, an animal that is known to have evolved from the elephant!

​12. Leopard Trail, Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

Leopard Trail, Blyde River Canyon, South Africa

​For the hiking neophytes wanting to see a South African gem, this might be a suitable hike for you! This is probably the easiest hike there is and the most convenient too! Let's start with easy; the trail is a 4-day hike and the longest being at 20 kilometers! The route is also limited to 12 hikers at a time. Now let's go the convenient part; bags, tents, food, cookware, plates, cutleries, and even kettles are delivered to wherever campsite you are. Frills, frill, and more frills!

However, don’t be deceived, easy doesn’t mean safe. This area is home to venomous snakes, cape cobras, and leopards! Baboons might also make special appearances, but stay out of their business and don’t even think about throwing food scraps for them to munch on.

​13. Jbel Toubkal Hiking, Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Jbel Toubkal Hiking, Atlas Mountains, Morocco

​You can either take a challenging up-and-down trek that lasts for 2 to 3 days or takes the longer route that spans for a week! The hike jumpstarts in a stream thatcan be crossed during the dryer season, then slowly accelerate to an upward tilt until you reach the base camp to the desired Toubkal summit. The picturesque intertwining view of the valley, river, and two small villages is like a cutout from a picture in a magazine!

​14. The Umbwe Route, Mount Kilimanjaro Summit, Tanzania

The Umbwe Route, Mount Kilimanjaro Summit, Tanzania 2

​Perfect for the adrenaline junkies dead set on leveling up their hiking adventures, this trail will make you feel like you’re the grandest amongst all. This high and mighty volcano stands tall at 19,308 feet from the ground. The path is notthat technical but the journey is quite challenging, as it’s very steep, tough, and exposed. To get things into perspective, sometimes you have to rely on tree roots to lift yourself up. And when I said ‘exposed’, it means the ridge scares the heck out of all acrophobic trekkers! Therefore, I suggest you think long and hard if you have what it takes to make it to the top or the base camp at least.

​15. Mahoma Trail, Rwenzori Mountains, Congo/Uganda

Mahoma Trail, Rwenzori Mountains, Congo, Uganda

​This trail is a manageable 28-kilometer trek that starts by traversing the mountain’s lower slopes, ending at the beautiful Lake Mahoma. It’s a worthwhile hike that lasts 1-2 nights, which can be mostly done during the day.

Hiking will never be complete without seeing the endemic flora and fauna in the surroundings and this is the perfect place to witness them. With over 70 mammals, 217 birds, around 19 species, and a myriad of plant life in Rwenzori, you can be sure you won’t go empty-handed with those amazing shots!

​16. Haute Route, Switzerland

Haute Route, Switzerland

​A grueling 111.8 miles in total of pure vigorous trekking! Spare around 10 to 12 days of your time if you want to overcome the Haute Route challenge. The diverse landscape with mostly glaciers and green alpine valleys prove that it’s one of the most coveted hikes in the world! Discovered by an English mountaineer through hiking and skiing, this is a trail, which tests your fitness level. But don’t be disheartened; once you complete the journey, it’s super rewarding!

​17. King’s Trail, Kungsleden, Sweden

King’s Trail, Kungsleden, Sweden

​They don't call it the "King's Trail" for nothing; because the journey and the view along the way are very king-fitting. You'll feel like you're on top of the world trekking side by side with the highest peak in Sweden, the Mount Kebnakaise at 6,909 feet! This trail is undoubtedly meant for the avid hikers and skiers, both enjoying a piece of delight on the lustrous glaciers and lush forests.

​​18. Slovenian Mountain Trail, Slovenia

Slovenian Mountain Trail, Slovenia

​​The Slovenian Mountain Trail encompasses the most famous mountain ranges in the country namely Pohorje, the Julian Alps, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, and Karavanke, and let’s not forget the highest peak in Slovenia as well, the Triglav.

It’s a 310-mile hike and is a popular hiking destination since 1952. From the starting point of Maribor, prepare yourself for an unbelievable journey through ridges, breathtaking valleys, and Pannonian plains! After making your way across plateaus, you can then witness some marvelous Mediterranean vineyards at the end of your trip.

​​​19. Dolomite Mountain Trail, Alta Via 1, Italy

Dolomite Mountain Trail, Alta Via 1, Italy

​​​If you have a knack for a touch of history, you will probably enjoy the 93-mile hike that will lead you all the way through the Dolomites mountain range and some of the battlefields from World War I! With a combination of alpine lakes, limestone cliffs, vast mountain peaks, you can fully attest why Alta Via 1 is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! But, if your tired feet are no match to the monumental terrain, you can always rest and regain your strength in huts made available for hikers along the way.

​​​​20. Tour du Vieux Chaillol, Ecrins National Park, France

Tour du Vieux Chaillol, Ecrins National Park, France

​A unique trekking adventure that gets every trailblazer giddy and excited. The locals have managed to keep this on the low down; you won’t be finding a lot of information on its trails in guidebooks and magazines. However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t invited to feast on this magnificent beauty. If you want unadulterated nature at its best, opt for this destination! If you’re the avid animal lover, you can chance on stunning creatures like golden eagles, chamois, wolves, vultures, or a wild boar! But if you prefer the more colorful creatures, you will definitely be captivated by the lovely alpine flowers, the rarest of orchids, and countless butterflies!

​​​​​21. Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna Mountain Range, Nepal

Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna Mountain Range, Nepal

​​If you want a very rewarding and awe-inspiring trip to Nepal and its culture, don’t put this at the bottom of your bucket list. The Annapurna Circuit is the oldest trek in the Himalayas and by far, the best hiking route in the world! But the journey won’t be easy as it will take around 20 long days for its fruition making the Thorung La Pass crossing the most significant highlight of the hike; the highest point of the trek at 17,769 feet. Also, this is a perfect time to witness the most remote Buddhist and Hindu holy sites. No doubt, this is one of the best hiking trails in Asia!

​​​​​​22. K2 & Gondogoro La, Pakistan

K2 & Gondogoro La, Pakistan

​The great Karakoram peaks are what’s going to welcome you after a substantial amount of trekking in K2 & Gondogoro. Then the trek continues on to Askole via jeep transport. From there, you hike the gorges of Askole up to the Baltoro glacier to Concordia; famously called as “Throne Room of the Gods”. It’s a photographer’s dream of a picturesque 360-degree panoramic view of a spectacular assemblage of mountains with 7,000 meters in height!

​23. Mount Rinjani, Indonesia

Mount Rinjani, Indonesia

​​Otherwise known as Gunung Rinjani, it is an active volcano located in the heart of Lombok, Indonesia. Standing high and proud at 3,726 meters, it is the second and most coveted volcano hike in Indonesia because of its famous small cone formation; Gunung BaruJari or Mountain New.

It’s always good to give mountains the respect they so rightly deserve. This hike is definitely not for the weak-hearted and the frail-bodied. Unfortunately, many thriving but unfit hikers bypass the proper procedures before embarking on this trail. This is clearly NOT acceptable as it could lead to ill-fated accidents! Some hikers can only make it until 2,639 meters but the real profound gem is on the summit where views of Crater Lake are out of this world! Therefore, if you want to achieve hiking the top of the mountain, make sure you’re bound to endure.

​24. Dingri to Mount Everest, Tibet

Dingri to Mount Everest, Tibet

​​​Deemed as the highest mountain in the world (which I suppose everybody knows already), this will really make you feel like an infinitesimal being in the most colossal of terrains! Imagine being surrounded by a greatness of 29,016 feet! This is, without a doubt, the mecca of all hiking (or climbing) destinations!

You get to enjoy the high altitude of the Everest Base Camp at 5,300 meters and on the way, a histrionic feeling of achievement will surely engulf you when you witness a diverse wildlife, physical challenge, elegant gazelles, and might even get to see a Tibetan brown bear (hopefully not up-close). And one more thing before packing your best hiking backpacks, it’s important to note that altitude here might pose a serious risk to the inexperienced. So hike at your own risk.

​​25. Ranau Trail and Kota Belud Trail, Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia

Ranau Trail and Kota Belud Trail, Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia1

​​​​Truly, the most well-known trekking destination in Southeast Asia, Mt Kinabalu is sitting pretty as a UNESCO World Heritage Site with an altitude of 13,435 feet.

This monumental and sacred mountain proved to be a force to be reckoned with when an incident not too long ago caused an earthquake to teach disrespectful tourists a lesson. Some foreign tourists took nude photos at the mountain’s summit, a hallowed ground to the locals. Although seismic waves might have caused the terrible earthquake, the locals claimed that it was Kinabalu’s reply to the tourists’ salacious acts.

​26. The Snowman Trek, Bhutan

The Snowman Trek, Bhutan

​Named after the six mountains which measure a stunning height of over 7,000 meters, this is the most challenging trek in the whole Himalayas, and maybe even in the world due to altitude. Most people even choose the “lesser strenuous” hike at Mt Everest in Nepal because the ferocity of this terrain is just too punishing for some.

It’s a long and arduous 1-month trek so make sure you’re in tip-top shape before deciding to hike the Snowman Trek. Some people have been heard of doing futile hikes and returning home because of altitude sickness.

​​27. Mount Pulag, Northern Luzon, Philippines

Mount Pulag, Northern Luzon, Philippines

​Deemed as the 3rd highest peak in the Philippines, Mount Pulag definitely puts other mountains to shame by the unique and breathtaking view you can witness at dawn when you get to the top. It has an impressive height of 2,922 meters above sea level and popularly known as "The Playground of Gods". The spectacular view of the summit is very fitting for the gods indeed!

This mountain is famous for its “sea of clouds”. Just before sunrise, an overcast layer of clouds can be viewed from above, which resembles that of an open ocean. And the most amazing part is on a good day when the skies are clear, mountain peaks rise above the clouds and add a more dramatic and heart-stopping effect.

​28. Tiger Leaping Gorge, China

Tiger Leaping Gorge, China

​Considered as a hiking jewel in China, its diversity will excite the most avid hikers. You will be face to face with the beauty Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and its snow-covered peaks; it’s definitely a photographer's dream. However, if green is also your color, the trek will take you through green-terraced farmlands and shadowed forests. Nevertheless, the main attraction is the cave drawings, which were believed to have been signs of the first ways of communication from the cave dwellers who lived in the area centuries ago.

​​29. Milford Track, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

Milford Track, Fiordland National Park, New Zealand

​The Milford track has a long history involving the aboriginals of New Zealand, the Maoris. It has been said that the Maoris traveled through Fiordland a hundred years ago to gather their basic needs for survival such as food, and the valued nephrite jade only found in New Zealand called Pounamu. Many people then followed suit searching for gold and discovering incredible wonders in the area forging new tracks, which are now popular today.

The hike is 5 days and 4 nights, and a stretch of around 54 kilometers in total. It will take in spectacular backdrops of alpine and glacial summits, and as well as picture-perfect views of rivers and valleys.

​30. Kokoda Trail, Papua New Guinea

Kokoda Trail, Papua New Guinea

​​A touch of history will also touch your hiking adventure on this trail. You get to diverge yourself in amazing landscapes that were once the battleground between the Japanese and Australian forces.

However, be prepared though because the Kokoda Trail is considered agrueling and physically demanding hike even to the most seasoned trekkers. The trail is 96 kilometers and will last around 4 to 12 days, depending on your fitness level. So make sure you’re bound to endure!

​​31. Bokor National Park Trails, Bokor Mountain, Cambodia

Bokor National Park Trails, Bokor Mountain, Cambodia

​There is a myriad of trails around Bokor Mountain giving hikers a different kind of high and extremely fickle weather conditions. The mountain is undisputed for its cloudy conditions and volatile downpours. The visibility can go down to almost zero in a matter of seconds! So it’s best to stick with your guides at all times so as not to wander off to another direction. But don’t let that spoil your adventure because you’ll get to see amazing and historical French ruins (approx. 1,080m) right in the heart of the rich rainforest in Cambodia!

​​​32. Tiger Trails 100 Waterfalls Trek, NongKhiaw, Laos

Tiger Trails 100 Waterfalls Trek, Nong Khiaw, Laos

​​Starting the hike with a boat ride on the Nam Ou to a quaint village, you will experience the local lifestyle and appreciate the simplicity of their way of living. Then you’ll head on down to the base of the 100 Waterfalls by trekking through small streams and rice paddies. The hike is an easy and steady 10 km ascent that can be accomplished in a day (no sweat). After a few hours, you’ll get to dip in the refreshing clear waterfall cascades.

​​​​33. Fansipan Mountain Summit Trail, Vietnam

Fansipan Mountain Summit Trail, Vietnam

​​​Standing tall at 3,143 meters above sea level, Mt Fansipan is the highest peak in the nearby Indochina countries. And the best part is it has something to offer for hikers with different fitness levels. The three most popular ones are the Tram Ton Trail, Sin Chai Trail, and the Cat Cat Trail, the last one being the most challenging requiring 3 days and 2 nights with bouldering or steep ascents on the way. The Tram Ton Trail, however, is the popular pick for the not-so-experienced trekkers. A doable day hike will lead you through marked trails, paved stairs, mountain ranges, and an endemic flora collection!

​​​​​34. Yeak Loam Volcanic Lake Trail, Northeastern Cambodia

Yeak Loam Volcanic Lake Trail, Northeastern Cambodia

​​​​​You will find this beautiful treasure in the dense forests of Ratanakiri. Imagine – a lake with tranquil blue waters with a lush forest as a backdrop, makes you want to take a million pictures! There is a bamboo forest around the lake, which also fills a volcanic crater, and you can frolic around it while engulfing in its beauty.

Rumor has it that there’s a powerful spirit who always keep an eye on the surrounding land and forest. So be sure to be always at your best behavior and respect it. But the lake also makes for a good swimming pastime. With an 800-meter diameter and 48-meter depth, your swimming experience will be so epic with a beautiful backdrop!

​35. Mount Fuji, Japan

Mount Fuji, Japan

​​​​​​Not only known for its ramen and sushi, Japan has a well-known gem piercing the sky at 3,776 meters. Mount Fuji is an astonishing mountain even just by looking at it from a distance, how much more when you’re hiking its trails! But due to safety reasons, hiking is prohibited in some months of the year especially during winter season when snow covers most of the path making it perilous to trek because of extreme wind conditions, snow, and possibly an avalanche! Anyone who has novice hiking abilities is advised to go during the official climbing season around early July to mid-September. The following trails are the Yoshida Trail open from July 1 to September 10, and the Subashiri, Gotemba, and Fujinomiya Trails from July 10 to September 10.

​​36. Larapinta Trail, Northern Territory, Australia

Bushwalkers at Simpsons Gap on the Larapinta Trail

​​​​​​​For the neophytes in hiking, I suggest you go find another easier trail in Australia because this one is far from easy or even moderate! The Larapinta Trail is a challenging trek with duration of 16 to 20 days. Seasoned hikers should cover 223 kilometers of unsheltered yet marvelous scenery. In addition, it’s extremely recommended to hike during the cooler months from April to September. But if you’re really up for this challenge, try conquering its monumental hazards because, in the end, you will also feel undeniably satisfied by its stunning beauty.

​​​37. Bay of Fires Lodge Walk, Tasmania, Australia

Bay of Fires Lodge Walk, Tasmania, Australia

​Located at the edge of Mt William National Park in Northeastern Tasmania, the Bay of Fires gives visitors a very dramatic and unsullied hiking experience. It requires just a moderate level of difficulty and is a manageable 33-kilometer promenade alongside pristine crystal-clear water that makes your hike more electrifying. This four-day adventure will give you several options for your trip like exploring nearby caves, and swimming in untouched beaches with the finest white sand you’ll ever see!

​38. The Arkaba Walk, Southern Australia

The Arkaba Walk, Southern Australia

​This is a great way to see the unique part of the country! This is a guided 4-day hike at 45 kilometers to the iconic Flinders Ranges. Expect to see no fixed trails, a rocky terrain, and an open hill country. However, you might chance on what Australia’s diverse wildlife is known for; kangaroos, wallaroos, and emus!

​​39. Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, Victoria, Australia

Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, Victoria, Australia

​Also known as “The Great Ocean Walk”, this 55-kilometer and four-day itinerary will take you back in time when the first Australians and British convicts were transported here on ships about 200 years ago. You know what that means? It means the coast is surrounded with shipwrecks that will leave you open-mouthed.

​​​40. Freycinet Experience Walk, Tasmania, Australia

Freycinet Experience Walk, Tasmania, Australia

​This is another Australian gem that you should not miss.It’s a four-day experience that leads you to the well-known Hazard Mountains, an area esteemed for their pink granite, and Wineglass Bay’s lush forests. Whatever you do, make sure to pack light though.

​41. Fraser Island Great Walk, Queensland, Australia

Lake Wabby

​K’gari or Fraser Island Great Walk should not be taken lightly as it’s a challenging 84-kilometer trek that will take around 5 to 7 days. But don’t be disheartened because you will really feel small in the presence of the world’s largest sand island, fickle landscapes, amazing scenery, and captivating cultural heritage. If you think you’re not game for the longer trail, you can still take the short and easy walks that range from half-day to full-day adventures!

​​42. Western Arthur Range Traverse, Tasmania, Australia

Western Arthur Range Traverse, Tasmania, Australia

​​If you ever decide to take this challenging traverse in the south, make sure you not only pack your hiking essentials but also equip yourself with a good map, and a compass and the skills to know where the right directions are because if you don't then you'll probably lose your way in the already difficult terrain.  

The 70-kilometer circuit that generally takes 8 to 11 days is merciless for its steep climbs, rough muddy paths, freezing creek crossings, and violent winds. When unfortunate with a bad weather, creek levels can also accelerate quickly, and visibility can spiral down to a few meters.

​43. Australian Alps Walking Track, Victoria/New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory

Australian Alps Walking Track

​​​If you’re not in physically good condition, I highly discourage you from this trail. This is probably the most difficult from the list in Australia that takes 45 to 60 days of strenuous hiking to complete. The whole circuit is a total of 655 kilometers of ferocious terrain. It loops through several national parks such as the Australian National Park, Alpine National Park, and Kosciuszko National Park while ascending many peaks along the way including Mount Kosciuszko, Mount Bogong, and the Bimberi Peak; three of the highest points in these areas. But as with other hikes, the fruition will leave you feeling satisfied and awe-stricken.

​​44. Mount Tomanivi, Fiji

Mount Tomanivi, Fiji

​When you hear of Fiji vacations, you probably assume crystal blue waters and a long stretch of white sand beaches but Fiji iswell known for its excellent hiking trails. Located in the biggest island in Fiji, the VitiLevu holds a Fiji jewel called Mount Tomanivi (formerly known as Mount Victoria), it stands tall at 4,341 feet and esteemed as Fiji's highest mountain. But it offers every hiker of different levels a manageable summit in a single day. Some people tell stories of its difficulty because of a steep terrain on the way to the peak, but the view from the top is breathtaking!

​​​45. Mount Batilamu, Fiji

Mount Batilamu, Fiji

​​The less challenging counterpart of Mount Tomanivi, Mount Batilamuthat is also located in Lautoka in VitiLevuIsland is an easy day hike covering around 5 hours in total. Dense forests, waterfalls, and isolated swimming holes will surely make your experience amazingly epic! And if you want to indulge yourself in a cultural experience, visitors are invited to stay with a family in Abaca village at the base of the mountain.

​​​​46. Sigatoka Sand Dunes, Fiji

Sigatoka Sand Dunes, Fiji

​Stepping foot on this vast dune system, which is over 600 hectares and 60 meters in height takes you back in time because this is considered an important archaeological site. It’s said that a lot of potsherds from the Lapita people (the early inhabitants of the area), and human remains have been discovered underneath the enormous dunes. However, if you want to see it up close, the Fiji Museum in Suva is keeping it on display for the most avid hikers and archeologists alike. They are short one-hour or two-hour hikes, which are advisable to do first thing in the morning to avoid walking under the scorching Fiji heat.

​47. Marojejy National Park, Northeastern Madagascar

Marojejy National Park, Northeastern Madagascar

​Marojejy only offers one trail for tourists as of now. But if you want to take part in a beautiful dense forest, and a pure wildlife diversity; then this trail will be worth your time. You'll start from Manantenina village and summit Marojejy at 2,132 meters. There are 3 camps along the way consisting of several bungalows, a shaded eating area, well-furnished kitchen, shower, and toilet.

With over 12 lemur species, you need not search high and low for these interesting creatures; I’m sure you’ll get to see some brown lemurs, dwarf lemurs, fork-marked lemurs, the evasive aye-ayes, and hopefully the silky sifaka, an endemic to Madagascar which is critically threatened as we speak.

​​48. Ankarana National Park, Northern Madagascar

Ankarana National Park, Northern Madagascar

​​The Ankarana massif is a magnificent formation of limestone tsingy, lush tropical jungle, mysterious caves, and energetic rivers. Deforestation is very common in the country but because of the Ankarana’s seclusion, it's has been naturally unchanged. That means you can see a diverse wildlife everywhere (not only lemurs!).

To get to the massif that is a 6-hour circuit, you’ll have to jumpstart from Diego Suarez and visitors would need to camp for at least 2 nights to get to the heart of the massif. But behold, frill is the last thing you should expect from the campsite as it offers just the basic facilities so bring your best camping essentials!

​​​49. Andringitra Mountains, Madagascar

Andringitra Mountains, Madagascar

​​​The impressive 2,600-meter mountain peak scares some of the interested hikers but because the trail encompasses a spectacular view, the crème de la crème of the group always attempts to try and Andringitra never fails to deliver. It’s a breathtaking view from the top, exciting both hiking and camping enthusiasts.

But don’t worry, Mt Andringitra has something to offer for every willing visitor. You can choose from different routes each with different levels of difficulties; the shortest which is a 6-kilometer route is Asaramanitra, a stellar landscape that will leave you awestruck, and the longest at 18 kilometers, the Imaitso tour which welcomes you to Madagascar’s rare lemur and bird species.

​50. Antarctica Peninsula Basecamp

Antarctica Peninsula Basecamp

​​​​Being the coldest continent in the world, you can also expect a freezing hiking experience that lasts around 2 to 6 hours, depending on how much you can take the cold. (I’d probably take more coming from a tropical country!)

Generally, this hike is safe save for the rugged terrain and the Polar region climate. Oh, and polar bears too! But don’t worry, your guides will have your back all the time bringing rifles to protect you from these beautiful but interesting creatures.