Top 5 Camping Hacks to Improve Your Camping Experience

Camping is for everybody (yes, that includes you). It isn’t, in any way, shape, or form, only limited to the physically-endowed. It really depends on the outlook you have during the experience. Challenges are a given (and this is a fact) but the way you handle challenges will make or break your camping experience.

If you’re an annoying whiner and pessimist (and all the negative superlatives you can think of), I can bet my money on your camping adventure falling apart in the end. I don’t mean to sound so negative (God knows we have enough negative people in the world), but if you’re not being smart pre, during, and post camping; I’m pretty sure you’re going down this road.

So remember, smart preparedness is the key to a great camping experience. Let me knock some camping sense into you by giving the top 5 camping hacks to make your camping adventure like no other!

1. Location, Location, Location

You’ve probably heard this a gazillion times before but the location, location, location is the first step to an epic trip. Each trail and campsite have their pros and cons for every kind of camper and camping gears. Choose the right location wisely.

Size and the terrain matters. Do you have small dome tents or large cabin family tents, or perhaps an RV? These things are vital when choosing a campground. But that’s not all, there are other factors you need to consider as well such as the “level” of camping everybody’s going to deal with, the shade, privacy, your neighbors (I hope you don’t get to sleep beside other rowdy campers or that would just suck), site provisions and amenities (If you’re a seasoned camper, this may be the last of your concerns).

2. Practice Safety Measures

An excellent camper carries a first-aid kit. Anyone who forgets to bring a first-aid kit may just forget about camping altogether. Minor and major accidents are inevitable during camping so always be prepared (like a good girl or boy scout). When you encounter wild animals in the outback – RUN. Just kidding, don’t run! And don’t do anything that’ll provoke them for that matter. To be safe, follow warning signboards about wild animals and never approach one when you see one. Poisonous plants can also ruin an entire camping adventure so try to do some research beforehand. I could go on forever but you get the point. Ensure safety for all campers at all times.

3. Pack Like a Pro

Would it tick you off if you reach a campsite and downpour rain on your parade (pun intended), you reach for your “rain clothes” and realize they’re at home, nicely-folded in your room cabinet? Yup. It sucks to be you when that happens. Check the weather forecast and pack the right clothes but don’t bring too much to avoid weighing you down while going for a nice trek in the wilderness. The same goes for all camping gears, pack those that are actually useful during the trip and leave the cumbersome gears behind. Some favorites of mine are collapsible cookware and collapsible anything! They’re convenient and extremely valuable in the outback.

4. Hydrate from Start to Finish

The deeper you are in the jungle, the farther you are from an accessible, clean water source. While bringing a gallon of water is not the smartest trick in the book, bringing a water purification bottle instead will keep you hydrated anytime, anywhere because water is life! Don’t be tempted to just drink from any water bodies around you, those streams, lakes, and rivers contain microscopic bacteria that’ll jeopardize your health.

5. Bring a Multi-Tool or Go Home

Next, to a first-aid kit, a multi-tool should be the second thing you pack in your bag or store in your pocket. Best multi-tools are great for the mundane and substantial tasks during your camping adventure such as cooking and preparation (don’t forget to sterilize, *wink wink*), starting fires, cutting gauze pads in case of wound emergencies, rigging a tarp, hanging a clothesline, or just about any task involving a cord.

Hang on to these top 5 camping hacks to improve your camping experience and make you want to plan more trips all throughout the year. You know what they say, a smart camper is the one who will have the most fun in the jungle!