The Best United Cutlery Tomahawks

The best tomahawks reviews include the United Cutlery for manufacturing the best-quality tomahawks.

For almost 30 years, United Cutlery provided some of the finest knives and tomahawks to the world. They take pride in their innovative product designs. Whether it’s for functional, outdoor or combat purposes, United Cutlery has it.

One of their proudest collections is their tomahawk line-up. Tomahawks are similar to axes but are arguably more powerful. The United Cutlery tomahawks are useful for survival, tactical, and even every day uses.

Today, you will discover the unique features of the United Cutlery tomahawks. Being one of the best tomahawk brands in the market, you surely don’t want to miss this bargain!

Features of United Cutlery Tomahawks

Tomahawks are great tools for every day uses, such as cutting woods for fire. However, they are traditionally used as weapons in the older days. In fact, they are lighter compared to axes and hatchets because they are often used for combat.

United Cutlery tomahawks are some of the best tomahawks you will ever see. They are beloved to  the military community for their efficiency and power. It could also be your next favorite weapon or tool once you get to know its features.

Value and Quality

The United Cutlery tomahawk guarantees that every penny you spend on it will be worth it. There are teams of researchers and designers who closely study the design of each tomahawk. Power and efficiency are always their top priority.

Thus, the quality of the United Cutlery tomahawk is always top-notch. United Cutlery wants to provide you with the most powerful tool that is also easy to use.


To keep their promise of providing only quality products to their customers, United Cutlery tomahawks come with a sheath. These sheaths have buttons so that you can hang them on your belt. They are durable and sturdy, thanks to the high-quality nylon.

Military and forest hunters benefit most from this. In combat or emergency uses, you need to be able to reach out to the tomahawk as fast as you can. Luckily, the United Cutlery understands the need for accessible tools.

Features of the Blade

Unlike the common axe, United Cutlery tomahawks have a unique blade feature. Its front part is wider thus ideal for chopping or splitting woods. Meanwhile, the rear end is pointy and very sharp.

No matter which part you point when you intend to throw the tomahawk, it will do its job. These blades are primarily designed for contact. You can rely on these blades to be your number one friend in a battle.

Handle Material

The handle is an essential part of the tomahawk. This is the part that you should be able to grip tightly and without worry of slipping. Naturally, United Cutlery also pays close attention to the design of the tomahawk handle.

Their most recent development is using fiber-reinforced nylon as the main material for the tomahawk handle. The material is known for being as strong as aluminum. This said, your United Cutlery Tomahawk remains sturdy no matter the pressure.

Overall Length and Weight

A United Cutlery tomahawk is considerably lightweight despite its strength. It shouldn’t burden you while using it. Because of this, you won’t feel very tired despite using it for long hours.

Most United Cutlery tomahawks have 15-inch overall length. This length is maintained so that it’s easy to bring the tomahawks around. Moreover, a longer tomahawk can be a little awkward to throw towards a target.


When it comes to design, United Cutlery tomahawks are very reliable. Each tomahawk is designed to fulfill its utmost functions. When a tool or weapon can be used to its full potential, it brings out the best in its owner.

Other than their practical uses, the United Cutlery tomahawks are also stylish enough for creative purposes. They are wonderful tools that can be used as film props, especially for battle scenes.


United Cutlery tomahawks are portable tools. They are made specifically for people who travel to several places. The fact that they are lightweight tools should indicate why they are good for every day carry.

Aside from having a sheath to hang it on your belt, a United Cutlery Tomahawk can also fit in a luggage. If your bag is large enough, then you can fit it inside, so as to not attract unwanted attention.


Like other tomahawks, the United Cutlery tomahawks can be used for so many functions. This spans from purposeful use to just everyday life uses. Some of their specific functions are:

  • Weapon for tactical and/or combat battles
  • Chopping off woods and branches of a tree
  • Breaking locks of a burning building or house
  • Useful hunting tool, usually for animals
  • Survival and defense weapon
  • Props for movies and television, especially for battle scenes

Blade Size

Typically, the overall width of a United Cutlery tomahawk blade is 3.75 inches. As for the length of the blades, they usually don’t go more than 8-inches. This is to ensure that the blade is well-balanced for the handle of the tomahawk.

Best United Cutlery Tomahawks: Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the United Cutlery tomahawks. If your inquiry is not on this list, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to assist you!

Is United Cutlery a good brand?

Being in the business for more than 28 years, United Cutlery has already established itself as a trusted brand. When it comes to knives, axes, hatchets, and tomahawks, you can trust the United Cutlery.

Are United Cutlery tomahawks good?

Having advanced design and quality materials places United Cutlery tomahawks as one the best tomahawks brand. For one, the M48 Tactical Tomahawk Axe is getting positive reviews from customers for being a reliable tool.

The M48 Tactical Tomahawk is only one of the most powerful tomahawks series from United Cutlery.

What are United Cutlery tomahawks used for?

United Cutlery tomahawks are commonly used in survival and tactical situations. They are also great tools for hunting and camping. You can also store them in your house for every day or emergency use.

You may refer to the ‘Functions’ section to know more about their uses.

Are United Cutlery tomahawks guaranteed?

The value and quality of the United Cutlery tomahawks stand for almost three decades now. They have established themselves as great tools for practical and artful uses. United Cutlery also provides warranty and services for their products.

Achieving Power with United Cutlery Tomahawks

It is no wonder why United Cutlery remains as one of the best tomahawks brands. Each of their products is carefully designed and innovated. These powerhouse tools and weapons lived through many generations and continue to improve.

The uniqueness of the United Cutlery tomahawks lies in its multi-dimensional uses. They are best for practical functions, as well as eye-catching props for movies. Having a United Cutlery tomahawk in your hands can surely bring you to places.