best Outdoor/ Survival Knives 2018 Review

Best Survival/Outdoor Knives 2018

One misconception about a knife is that it is a mere tool for cooking and hunting. But the best survival knives can serve so many purposes depending on one’s needs. In fact, it is a very reliable survival tool even amid the wilderness.

Survival knives are created primarily for the purpose of aiding an individual. Later on, you will find out that there’s more to survival knife than just for hunting animals. In doing so, we will help you choose the right outdoor/survival knife for your needs.

​​Surviving the Wild with a Knife
Imagine the wonders a knife can do when you are stuck in the middle of nowhere. You can use it for cutting branches, fruits, even animals to eat. A simple tool can be useful for so many things you can’t even imagine!
It’s definitely better to get one for yourself now. Before doing that, there are a few things to know first to choose the right outdoor/ survival knife.


A survival/ outdoor knife indeed has a lot of purposes. Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is its use for hunting. After all, they are made to have really sharp blades for the purpose of killing and cutting.

However, there are some other purposes that a survival/ outdoor knife can be used for:

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    ​​Making tools –A knife is a great tool for making tools that can be used at home. For instance, the knife can help shape a wooden spoon and fork out of a chunk of wood.
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    ​​Starting a fire – The knife can aid from cutting branches to feeding to the fire, up to helping spark a fire in the woods
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    ​​Cooking – The knife is essentially your gateway to cutting animals or fruits when made to survive in the wilderness
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    ​​​Self-defense – Whether you are trained in it or not, the knife can help you survive in the face of danger

Features to check

Purchasing a survival knife requires much consideration. It will involve a certain amount of money, so you need to choose carefully. Here are some things to check before choosing a survival knife:

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    ​​​What the blade is made of – Often, the best quality blades are the ones made of stainless steel. They do not rust easily or at all and are much sharper. However, larger and longer knives should be made from non-stainless, high carbon steel.
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    ​​​Size of the blade – Some survival knives are smaller in size, while there are some that are longer. You have to decide whether you want to be able to keep it in your pocket, or you’re okay just holding it
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    ​​​Blade edge – The primary purpose of the knife is cutting, thus you want to make sure that the blade has a sharp edge to your liking. This means that you want to choose something that you don’t have to sharpen all the time.
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    ​​​​Handle – Make sure that it is balanced in your hand, and you like the feel of it when you grip it
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    ​​​​​Folding – Closely check the screws and how the knife folds after using it to ensure safety

How to maintain a tactical knife

Naturally, a tool’s long life would depend on how its user takes care of it. The following are some tips on how to maintain the quality of the survival/outdoor knife:

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    ​​​​Always keep your knife clean to avoid the spread of bacteria that got attached to it. This also prevents possible chemicals to ruin the blade of the knife.
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    ​​​​Oil the knife every once in a while. Spreading oil on the blade helps prevent rusting. It also helps prevent friction that may hinder the ease of use.
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    ​​​​Make sure to keep the knife sharp. It is important to ensure that the knife is sharpened the minute it starts to get dull. This helps prevent the hassle of having to sharpen the knife the minute that you need it.
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    ​​​​​The knife should be stored in a dry place. Water is one of the main causes of rusting of a knife. Storing the knife in a damp place may contribute to the rusting

​Caution when using it!

​While a survival knife is a very useful tool, it can also be a source of tragedy. Some accidents may be caused by a knife if it is not used well. In some instances, it is used for wrongdoings and illegal means.

An owner of a knife—all kinds of knives—must be extra cautious in using a knife. He or she should be responsible for whatever it will be used for. The knife is a tool for different chores and survival means and should be used only for such.

Any uses of the knife for self-defense should be guided by moral principle. Remember not to use it without thinking twice. Always remember that it should not be used by children without adult supervision.

All kinds of tools must be used responsibly and with a sound mind. Never take the power of a tool such as a knife for granted.

Zero Tolerance 0920 George Titanium Folding Knife

​Best Buy Outdoor/Survival Knife - Our Pick

Zero Tolerance 0920 George Titanium Folding Knife

​Being outdoors and in the middle of nowhere, you need a reliable knife to use for anything you need. You simply want the best out of this knife to feel like your money went to a good product. The Zero Tolerance Titanium Folding Knife is the answer.

This knife is made of the highest quality stainless steel to guarantee its long-time use. Moreover, it has a stonewashed finish that helps maintain its new look. The blade is also slightly curved to make the cutting more balanced.

This survival knife can be used for camping, fishing, hunting, and for all kinds of outdoor activities.   This optimal tool for self-defense can also be used for cutting and opening certain boxes and containers.

This knife is a good purchase if you are looking for a best value survival/ outdoor knife. It is cheaper compared to other brands of knives.

​Why it’s our pick:

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    ​The handle feels light and good for the hands, and the blade has a slight curve to make cutting more balanced and efficient
  • check
    ​The flip or pivot of the blade once unfolded has a good move due to the nice attachment of the screws
  • check
    ​The blade is very sharp—with proper care, you do not have to sharpen it all the time
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    ​It has a high standard quality for a much cheaper price compared to other types of knives
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    ​It is a type of knife that can be a good collection for knife collectors due to its outstanding features

Mini Griptilian 556 Knife

​Best All Around Outdoor/Survival Knife - Our Pick

Benchmade - Mini Griptilian 556 Knife, Drop-Point

​Casio’s goal is to design watches that make people’s lives easier and it accomplished that with their best g shock for the night time! The Casio G-shock GA310 is designed for men who live in the night time. Its features allow you to easily view the time under the dark.

​Why this is the top g-shock watch for the night time:

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    ​It is built with a stopwatch and LED backlight, so you can see time through the dark.
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    ​It is waterproof and shockproof, so you can use it for extreme outdoor activities.
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    ​It is made classy and trendy with its triple dials and hybrid design.
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    ​It utilizes quartz movement technology, so it only misses a few seconds each month.

Ruger 2-Stage Compact Folding Tanto

​Best Cheap Outdoor Knife - Our Pick

​Ruger 2-Stage Compact Folding Tanto Plain Edge Knife

​​​An outdoor knife is a very important tool to have when out in the wild. This is why looking for the best budget outdoor knife is a must for outdoor enthusiasts on a budget. If this is what you’re looking for as well, Ruger 2 Stage Compact Folding Tanto Plain Edge knife might be a good option for you.

Columbia River Knife & Tool offers this knife in three other variations as well. But for this particular product, you get a 4 inch, stainless steel Veff serrated blade. It features a frame lock, blade flipper and, a four-position clip. It is also ergonomically equipped with a rugged blade and handle for better grip. With the handle made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel, this won’t let you down.

​Why it’s the best cheap outdoor knife:

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    ​It is cheap but the materials and construction of the knife itself do not compromise on quality.
  • check
    ​The blade is very sharp. Its tanto style blade makes it an efficient cutter in almost any situations.
  • check
    ​The whole product is very solid and does not bend easily unlike other knives that are cheap yet flimsy.
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    ​Its frame lock and folding feature make it safe to bring along with you, without any worries of getting cut accidentally.
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    ​The blade flipping mechanism works very smoothly.

Fallkniven A1 Kraton Handle Blk Blade

​​​Best Survival Knife - Our Pick

Fallkniven A1 Kraton Handle Blk Blade Plain Zytel Sheath

​On the other hand, if the best survival knife on the market is what you’re looking for, then Fallkniven might be the one. With Fallkniven’s, you get a top-rated survival knife that has a 6.3-inch blade. Its sleek and minimalistic design will make it easy for you to use in almost all situations. Be it clearing tree branches, opening cans or split kindling, it’s good to go!

The blade material is VG10. Because the blade is coated, you do not have to worry about it losing sharpness easily. Its handle also does not compromise as it makes use of Kraton for its material. Finally, buying this survival knife comes with an included Zytel sheath. The Zytel sheath itself has a built-in belt loop for added security.

Why it’s the best survival knife:

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    ​Unlike other survival knives, Fallkniven comes with a Zytel carrying sheath. This makes it easy to store away and bring along with no worries.
  • check
    ​Fallkniven’s coating makes it a little resistant to stains and does not require much cleaning after use.
  • check
    ​It is very light compared to other knives, with a weight of only one pound (1 lbs.)
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    ​It comes in a very compact and convenient size, very suitable for survival knives.
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    ​It is a one-piece knife with the blade and handle molded together. This makes it very durable.

ATRD01 Armegeddon Fixed Blade Bowie Knife

​Best Large Survival Knife - Our Pick

Tops Knives ATRD01 Armegeddon Fixed Blade Bowie Knife with Black Linen Micarta Handles & Black Ballistic Nylon Sheath with Kydex Liner

​There will never be any other large knife that is both a machete and a camp knife! The TOPS Knives Armegeddon is the best large blade survival knife on the market. This knife can handle anything that you need slicing, from chopping down a mango tree to performing delicate cuts! Take a look at its marvelous features! 

The TOPS Knives Armegeddon has an overall length is 16.50”, but its blade takes up 10.625” of its length. Its blade can make clean cuts through any tough material. It is balanced, beautiful, and of high quality! This is the perfect knife to go on outdoor trips in places like mountains, savannahs, and rainforests!

Why this is best large survival knife in the market:

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    ​Its blade is made from high carbon blade in ¼” thickness. The blade is made with a flat-ground curve for easier cutting through tough materials.
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    ​Its handle is made from Micarta scales and molded for easier gripping. It also has an index coil design to aid in making delicate cuts.
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    ​As a cross between a machete and a large camp knife, it can do what these blades can do – and better!
  • check
    ​It comes with a ballistic nylon sheath with a buckled exterior pocket to store the knife when not in use. Never have to worry about buying a cheap sheath when you have this durable one! 

DKC-105 BUMBLE BEE Damascus Folding Pocket Knife

​Best Folding Survival Knife - Our Pick

​​DKC-105 BUMBLE BEE Damascus Folding Pocket Knife 4.5" Folded 8" Long 7.2oz oz High Class Looks Incredible Feels Great In Your Hand And Pocket Hand Made DKC Knives

​Looking for something smaller, but still gets the job done as a survival knife? Well, look no further because the best folding survival knife has arrived! Introducing the DKC-105 Damascus Folding Pocket Knife! It is great for heavy cutting and being a collector’s item. Come and see what this knife has to offer! 

Designed by great craftsmen, this knife is a sharp piece of art. It is 8” long but collapses to 4.5” when folded. Not only does each knife come with marvelous variations, but it is made well-balanced to grip and touch. With these features, you can already see that this is one fine quality knife!

 Why this is the best folding survival knife ever:

  • check
    ​Its blade is 320 layers of Damascus steel, so it is guaranteed to be one of the sharpest knives around!
  • check
    ​Each knife is unique! Craftsmen made sure to include some variations on the finish and color of each knife.
  • check
    ​It is well protected by its packaging. Each knife is wrapped in an oil-coated plastic before it is shipped to you.
  • check
    ​It can be used as for cutting, for display, or as an heirloom to be gifted to your family members. The possibilities for the use of this knife are endless!

KA1317-BRK Dogs Head Utility Knife

​Best Bushcraft Knife - Our Pick

​​KA1317-BRK Dogs Head Utility Knife

​For every beginner who wishes to learn bushcraft skills, it is important to obtain a great bushcraft knife. But, it’s not easy to find this. Other knives are too big, some are too heavy, and most leave red, painful imprints on the palms. Thankfully, the Ka-Bar Dog’s Head Utility Knife isn’t one of those. 

With its features, this knife is the top knife choice for bushcraft. It is made in the USA with high-quality materials. It also meets the standards of regular military knives, so you will know it will last the test of time. Moreover, the Ka-Bar Dog’s Head Utility is ideal for other things like hunting and camping.

Why this is the best bushcraft knife of 2018:

  • check
    ​Its carbon steel razor-sharp blade can slice things from thin papers to thick logs. It will take heaps of logs and mountains of papers to dull its blade!
  • check
    ​It is good and balanced to the grip! This ensures that one swing of the blade will give an accurate cut through any target.
  • check
    ​Its black-coated blade and leather handle makes it beautiful to look at. But, the handle isn’t just for show; it’s designed for ease and comfort when gripped.
  • check
    ​Its quality is so superb that reviewers compare it to a Roman gladius, Zulu assegai, or a Maori taiaha. Without a doubt, this knife is definitely excellent for bushcraft!
  • check
    ​It comes with an original sheath to store the knife when not in use.

Buck Knives Special Fixed Blade Knife

​Best Hiking Knife - Our Pick

Buck Knives 0119 Special Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath

​In hiking, it is almost unavoidable to encounter large foliage that blocks your way or dangerous, rogue animals.  For these reasons, many hikers carry large knives even though, they are not for hiking. If you are a hiker and want to equip yourself with a great blade, always bring a hiking knife. But, where can you find one?  

The Buck Knives Fixed Blade Knife is the top rated hiking knife that every hiker should have. It is a knife of 10 ½”, with a blade measuring up to 6 inches. It is made from the renowned Buck Knives company that has manufactured quality knives over 110 years. This knife’s features fit impeccably for all your hiking needs.

Why this is a great hiking knife to have:

  • check
    ​It is equipped with a 6” razor sharp clip blade that is corrosion resistant and extremely durable. It will cut anything that stands in the way of you and your hike. The blade is also specialized for piercing, detail work, and cutting at tight spots.
  • check
    ​Its handle has built-in palm swells to ensure your comfort when gripping. The handle may be customized for wood, red, and black.
  • check
    ​It is not only a flawless, beautiful-looking knife, but it is also well-balanced. Its beauty and functionality will not fade during the test of time.
  • check
    ​It comes with a durable leather sheath to store the knife when not in use.  
  • check
    ​To ensure the full satisfaction of the customer, it has a lifetime warranty. If it gets damaged – which is highly unlikely – you can always get it repaired.

​Choose the right knife wisely

​There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a knife—especially a survival knife. Especially when it comes to a multi-purpose tool such as the knife, every single feature and detail must be considered.

Among other things, the purpose of the survival knife must be the first thing in mind. It is a powerful tool that can help you survive even in the midst of the wild or forest. May it be small or big, it can do a lot of things.

For all your outdoor activities, always remember to bring a survival knife with you. It is a tool that you can use for a variety of things. Camping, fishing, hunting, and all kinds of outdoor activities can definitely be more convenient with a good survival knife.

Just remember to always handle it with care!

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