What You Need to Know About the Best Surefire Keychain Flashlights

There are many brands and manufacturers of keychain flashlights. The Surefire brand offers one of the best keychain flashlights for you.

The History of the Surefire Keychain Flashlight

When we look back into the history, we find Dr. John Matthews, the man behind Surefire Company. He was then an engineer and a Ph.D. holder. Later, he found Newport Corporation.

This was to develop one of his growing passions and interests in the field of laser technology. Later on, Newport Corporation created one of the first even tactical flashlights. However, back then, these devices were massive and were not wieldable compared today.

Newport Corporation then reestablished itself as Laser Products. This is the time when the company has had many clients involved in the military and law enforcement. Their track record of manufacturing and selling these devices to authorized personnel urged the company to create products that would cater more to effective operations.

Thus, it focused more on shrinking the size while maintaining the power of the light beams. A few years more and the company renamed itself again, this time as Surefire LLC.

The name was taken after a product that the company takes pride in, particularly the SureFire WeaponLight. This was one of the first-ever weapon-mounted flashlights, paving way for hundreds of state militaries to make use of this during operations.

Features of Surefire Keychain Flashlights


As previously said, the company takes pride in maintaining powerful beams of light in their products despite being the size of a pen sometimes, maybe even smaller. The brightness of a flashlight is by far its most important feature.

It can be the difference between life and death when used by military, police, and other law enforcement agencies.

When looking for the best keychain flashlight, one must look at any potential problems such as hot spots and dark holes. The light emitting out from the device must have a powerful and consistent beam. They should have enough power to aid in extremely dark situations. SureFire creates products that have a central source of light. These emit powerful beams that are evenly and consistently spread across the surface. This is different compared to other brands that have devices that are only powerful when directed in one area only.

Surefire keychain flashlights usually have lumens of 125 and 15.

Battery Types

Perhaps another great thing about Surefire technology is its very own disposable lithium batteries. These batteries are developed and sold by Surefire LLC itself, so users are guaranteed with consistency and compatibility with the keychain flashlights.

These lithium batteries are 123 types and have a long shelf-life which makes it a bargain due to its cheap price range. It has a definitive advantage over alkaline batteries.

Alkaline batteries are more susceptible to wear out quicker compared to the lithium versions. Not to mention, despite having a longer shelf life, the lithium batteries are also more powerful than the alkaline ones.

The power of a single lithium battery is equivalent to that of two and a half alkaline batteries.

Quality and Value

The importance of this pen-sized flashlight is for emergency purposes. Tactical flashlights consume more batteries, and thus there’s a higher chance for it to run out of power.

The keychain versions offer a good amount of light despite being small enough to dangle off a backpack. Surefire focuses on such features, making it a straightforward, reliable but innovative flashlight to boot.

Furthermore, excellence has been tied to the brand over the years due to its long history backed by personnel in the field of engineering.  It’s one of the leaders in producing tactical light source gears since its founding a couple of decades after the end of the World War II.

As far as quality is concerned, from attachments to military rifles to smaller ones like the keychain flashlight, customers are guaranteed durable and powerful flashlights.

Other Features

Other features to look out for include switch types, modes, and sizes. The switch types include constant-on twist and a momentary constant-on switch. As for the modes, the keychain flashlight’s best feature is its bright mode, which is perfect for zero-visibility cases.

Meanwhile, the sizes of these flashlights are not more than three inches in length.

Frequently Asked Questions About Surefire

Do surefire flashlights for keychain have a warranty?

The company offers several warranty packages from the rechargeable lithium batteries to the keychain flashlight itself. There’s a two-year warranty for the rechargeable batteries.

On the other hand, should the flashlight be defective, Surefire offers a free 90-day replacement from the time of purchase. However, take note that the company does not cover warranty for external damages, alterations, and drained batteries within this period.

Which Surefire keychain flashlight is best?

Perhaps the best Surefire keychain flashlight would be the Titan-A. Surefire claims it to be the “first professional-grade keychain flashlight” which is really a big thing to say. The Titan-A has powerful 125-15 lumens, while only measuring three inches in length.

It only weighs 0.9 ounces with batteries, making it one of the lightest despite a powerful, finger-sized light beam.

A Surefire Product

Keychain flashlights are an underrated part of tactical gear sets.  Many enthusiasts buy tactical gears and consider the tactical flashlight as one of the most important. However, they quickly forget the importance of its smaller counterpart, the keychain flashlight.
With the Surefire keychain flashlight, you’ll be getting a high-quality tactical light source for less than a hundred dollars. Backed by the company’s long history and leading engineering efforts, there’s no reason to not try the Surefire.