The Best Gerber Tomahawks

Most of the reviews on the best tomahawks 2019 suggests Gerber brand if you are looking for an ideal tomahawk. Let’s see why Gerber ranks top among the best-rated tomahawks.

In 1939, Gerber was started as a small American company in Oregon. But, now it is a world-famous tool-manufacturing company known for their high-quality tools.

Being a community made of hunters, soldiers, and tradesmen, Gerber has continuously modified their tools to fit their customer’s needs. Among their products, Gerber tomahawks are among their most popular tools.

But, how exactly did Gerber tomahawks become so well-loved by the community? Well, here are the following reasons in detail.

Features of Gerber Tomahawks

There are so many reasons why Gerber Tomahawks are one of the best. For your convenience, we have broken down the reasons into eight categories. We are sure that once you are done the reading, you will be rushing to buy a Gerber tomahawk.

Construction Quality

Gerber has a million of customers in heavy-duty jobs. As a result, Gerber has manufactured their products to deal with all kinds of heavy-duty uses. Among these products include their famous tomahawks.

The Gerber tomahawks are built for the most extreme tactical usages. Their tomahawks are made from 420 HRC steel with Cerakote coating. They are designed for long-term use in the roughest jobs known to tools.

If you try to break this tomahawk, you will surely collapse from exhaustion before you can even dull its blade.

 Handle Material And Strength

If you think that the tomahawk blade is the only thing that’s sturdy, you might have to read through this.

Gerber uses the incredibly durable G-10 material for their tomahawk handles. Moreover, Gerber tomahawk handles include Desert-Tan G-10 scales. This makes the handles look classy as well as easy to grip.

Having the axe head and handle detached is one of the most common worries of tomahawk users. But, with Gerber tomahawks, that worry is a thing of the past! Gerber tomahawks are constructed to handle the most difficult jobs while sustaining the least amount of damage to the blade.

Other than that, Gerber tomahawks pack quite a punch. Be careful where you point the end of your tomahawk because anything ahead of it is history!

Overall Length and Weight

We all know that tomahawks are heavy, but they don’t necessarily have to. Gerber has found a way to make tomahawks easier to carry without sacrificing the quality!

The Gerber Downrange Tomahawk is only 19.27 inches and weighs about 1.9 pounds. Not only does it have just the right size, it also weighs lighter compared to other tomahawk brands! But, don’t be fooled by its size and weight.

Gerber tomahawks are made for tough jobs – the Gerber downrange tomahawk is made for breaching!


Unlike other brands, Gerber tools have simple yet elegant designs. They don’t use cheap designs like skulls and hellfires to make their products sell. The tool already speaks for itself!

Gerber tomahawks have simple and utilitarian designs, but just looking at its picture will amaze you. Like other Gerber tools, the tomahawk in itself is, spectacular.

At one glance, you can immediately see how durable and strong the tomahawk is! If you are disappointed that Gerber tools are not as decorated as you expected, think about it for a second.

Some companies don’t allow intricately designed tools. Other tomahawks might not be permitted because of their design, and that would be a waste of money.

Features Of Axe Head

Gerber tomahawk axe heads are like a greater version of instant coffees – it is a three in one package! For example, the Gerber Downrange tomahawk has three uses: an axe, a hammer, and a pry bar.

As an axe, Gerber tomahawks can cut through anything. From brick walls to sturdy doors, nothing can stand in the way of a Gerber blade. Meanwhile, Gerber backside axes are great real hammer alternatives.

They can break down hinges, locks, doorknobs, and others. But, the most impressive feature might be the pry bar. At the end of the Gerber tomahawk is a reliable and sturdy pry bar.

Because it is made of 420 HRC steel, this pry bar won’t break under extreme pressures. Use it as a leverage to break down anything that stands in your way!

Sheath Features

We all know that tomahawks need special sheaths. After all, tomahawks can’t exactly be carried in our pockets or bags. While other brands have flimsy sheaths, Gerber takes it a notch. Their sheaths are as durable and high-quality as their tomahawks.

Introducing the MOLLE-compatible sheath! With this sheath, your Gerber tomahawk will fit snug as a bug! But, most importantly, this sheath keeps your Gerber tomahawk protected from corrosion and accidental cuts.

Other than this, this sheath can be attached to your pack, webbing, or body armor.

Quality And Value

With all these features, you might be thinking that Gerber brand tomahawks cost a fortune. Well, good news: they don’t.

Gerber is a company that is composed of respectable blue-collared men. Because of that, they manufacture high-quality tools in a cost-effective and affordable price. There may never be a price-sensitive and high-quality tool manufacturer like Gerber.

Additional Perks

But if you think that the affordable price is the icing on the cake, there’s more!

Gerber tomahawks are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty covers the repair and maintenance of your Gerber product for 25 years! How awesome is that?

This shows that not only Gerber adherers to their promise of quality products, they also care about their customers.

Get A Gerber Tomahawk Now

It is no wonder that Gerber has lasted for more than several decades. From durability to quality, Gerber products have surpassed all international standards. So, if you are looking for your next tomahawk, choose Gerber! With Gerber, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.