The Top-Rated Multi-Tools On The Market

Ever since their invention, multi-toolshasbecome every handyman’s ideal companion. It is notable that some of the multi-tools are intended for specific works, though maintaining its all-purpose features. In our review, we have covereda wide range of the best multi-tools withtheir specific functions and uses.

Majority of the top-rated multi-tools are designed to aid blue-collared people to do their jobs. The QUICKSTOP Multi-Tool and Leatherman MUT Multi-tool are designed to help firefighters and policemen in their duty. For EMS, they can now enjoy the aid of the Leatherman RAPTOR Emergency Medical Tool.

Electricians and computer technicians can rely on the multi-tools designed for their profession. Examples of these are Yange Micro Pocket Multi-tool, Bear & Son Cutlery Bear Jaws Locking Multi-Tool, and IRWIN VISE-GRIP Multi-Tool.

Some multi-tools are designed in such a way as to meet the requirements of specific needs of certain jobs. For example, the Crank Brothers Y-Shaped Multi-Tool is a multi-tool for fixing motorcycles. Meanwhile, the Compact & Strong Pocket Multi-Tool Plier is meant for the beginners.

For those looking for either affordable or high-end multi-tools, they can choose the Leatherman Rebar Multi-tool or SOG PowerGrab Multi-tool, respectively. There is also an option of purchasing the lightweight multi-tool: Leatherman Charge ALX.

You can also buy multi-tools with bonus features. If you want a pair of scissors in your tool, then the Leatherman Charge ALX multi-Tool is for you. But, if you want a corkscrew instead, you can choose to purchase the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. In terms of multi-pliers, then the Gerber MP800 Legend is perfect for you.

Factors to Consider

There are many things to be consideredabout multi-tools before purchasing one. Remember these factors, so you can choose the perfect multi-tool for you.


The most important factor in choosing the multi-tool is its convenience. This means the easiness of carrying or using the tool during the job. In the matter of convenience, it is important to look at the tool’ssize, weight, and frequency of use. You may also need to consider where you will need the tool.

For example, if you are EMS personnel, it is important to get a lightweight and easy-to-carry multitool. Having a heavy and difficult-to-carry multi-tool will impinge your performance and may even cost a life. The same goes for firefighters and policemen, who need to be frequently active during the job.


The golden rule of multi-tools is the simpler, the better.

Although many multi-tools boast at least 20 tools in their arsenal, would you really need that much tools? If so, stick to the multi-tools that have the tools you need and clear away from feature-heavy tools.

One important reason why you shouldn’t buy feature-heavy tools is the quality. Although you have a myriad of tools at your disposal, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee the quality. One example of this is multi-tools with flashlights.

Unless they are made by a reputable brand, it is most likely that the flashlight feature won’t function well. It may also have a very limited battery life and a weak construction.

So, whenever you are shopping for your multi-tool, keep one that is simple, compact, and robust. You will not only save yourself some cash but also from weak and undependable multi-tools.


When looking for multi-tools, you should always keep in mind why you are searching for them in the first place. Ask yourself: “Why do I need a multi-tool and what tools do I need in it?” This will help you focus on finding the best multi-tool that you need and avoid unnecessary things in your multi-tool.

Things to Remember

Before you can purchase a multi-tool, you have to keep in mind several things about them. From their uses to their limitations, remember these things to avoid being disappointed after purchasing your multi-tool.

Multi-Tools Cannot Replace the Regular Original Tools

A popular misconception about multi-tools is that they can be substituted for ordinary tools.

Multi-tools are created for the purpose of convenience. This means that you can now use a single tool instead of carrying a whole toolbox around. However, multi-tools can only be used for common and average technical problems. For example, if a bolt in your bike is a bit loose, then you can use your multi-tool to tighten it.

If the problem is more complex – for example, you need to dismantle your car engine; your multi-tool cannot help you. Multi-tools are not designed for heavy-duty work. In such cases, it is best to use a real tool instead of a multi-tool.

If you already have a specific, reliable tool, then remove that from the things you need in a multi-tool. Instead, look for other miscellaneous tools that you may use to fix minor issues.

To Knife or Not To Knife

The attachment of a knife tool in a multi-tool has long been debated.

To some, knives in multi-tools are not reliable. Most of the knives in multi-tools are dull, weakly mounted, and made of cheap steel. Moreover, most multi-tools are built with handles that are not proportionate to the blade. For these reasons, it is most often recommended to bring a knife instead of buying a multi-tool with a knife.

However, in certain locations, carrying knives is strictly prohibited. This is where multi-tools with knives come into play. The mounted blades on some multi-tools are small enough to be allowed in work, government offices, and schools.

So, the bottom line of this debate is: if you want it, you buy it. Multi-tools with knives may help you fix some minor issues, but it will never replace a good, regular knife.

Wallet-Sized Multi-Tools Are Reliable

Size doesn’t matter in multi-tools. But, if a multi-tool is smaller than a standard wallet, then it’s guaranteed to be of low quality.

While they may be more convenient to carry, the quality of its tools will be almost useless. Just imagine packing 10 tools in a multi-tool smaller than your credit card. With its size, it practically sacrifices its performance for the sake of its portability.

So, do yourself a favor and limit yourself to pocket-sized multi-tools instead. By doing so, you will be held safe from frustrations that come from an unreliable tool.