It will not be outspoken if I say that there will be anybody who has never heard about best Zippo windproof lighters. Zippo has been and still one of the most popular and admired brands in the world. That is why it said that no best windproof lighters reviews are complete without mentioning the name of Zippo.

Zippo lighters are well-known due to their sleek, windproof designs. No more take-twos on relighting your lighter or flames getting blown out by the wind! The company was established in the 1930s in Pennsylvania by a man named George G. Blaisdell.

Zippo was born upon the founder’s observation for the need of a windproof lighter that was also convenient and easy to use. They became a household name worldwide during the Second World War, cementing Zippo as the leader for the lighter market.


Lifetime Guarantee

Zippo guarantees that “It works or we fix it free”. If your lighter needs to be repaired, you may send it to the Zippo Repair Clinic. For the customers who reside abroad, Zippo also has representatives all over the world.

Product Dimensions

Zippo lighters are small and pocket-sized, built for your convenience.


The Windproof lighter is designed to stay lit even in the presence of wind. This is due to the structure of the lighter, where it has a chimney that protects the flame.


Zippos are made of metal so they’re surely durable. Even if you drop it, it’ll work perfectly fine the next time you click it open!

Extremely Reliable

Zippo’s windproof quality makes it extremely reliable as you can use it anywhere, anytime. No need to worry about outside conditions, just light it up!


The design of the lighter is made for single-hand use, making it literally handy. The convenience of the sleek design and windproof property makes it a staple in people’s bags and pockets.

Value and Quality

With Zippo, you are paying for innovation and a high-quality lighter that will surely last you for a lifetime. It’s a small investment but surely one you won’t regret! Furthermore, they come with a lifetime guarantee.


What is a Zippo windproof lighter?

A Zippo windproof lighter is a metal lighter specially designed so that the flame won’t extinguish due to the wind. It’s reusable so you can just refill the fuel with Zippo’s premium lighter fluid when it runs out!

Are Zippo lighters really windproof?

Yes! Zippo lighters have already been tried and tested.

Should I buy a Zippo windproof lighter?

Of course! The convenience of having a durable, windproof lighter can’t be beaten.

How long does a Zippo last?

The lighter ought to last forever and Zippo guarantees they will fix or replace your lighter in the event that it doesn’t work.

Why does my zippo dry out so fast?

The lighter fluid might be evaporated. It’s best to keep a can of lighter fluid in stock in your home to be able to refill your Zippo lighter.

How to fill a Zippo lighter?

Remove the lighter from its case and lift the felt pad underneath to expose the packing. Fill the packing with Zippo lighter fluid until it’s saturated. Do not overfill as it may cause the lighter to leak fuel.

Close the felt pad and put the lighter back into its case. Make sure there are no lighter fluid spills around!

How do you light a Zippo windproof lighter?

Just open the Zippo and flick the flint wheel!

Are Zippo windproof lighters worth anything?

Zippo constantly makes a limited edition and commemorative lighters, plus they also have some discontinued units as well. So if you’re a Zippo lighter collector or you plan to be one, then yes, they are worth something!

Do Zippo windproof lighters come with fuel in them?

No, Zippo windproof lighters do not come with fuel in them. Fuel must be purchased separately. It is recommended that you use Zippo premium lighter fluid for your Zippo lighters.

Do prisoners make Zippo windproof lighters?

Nope, that’s just an urban myth. All Zippos are factory made.

Do Zippo windproof lighters have a lifetime warranty?

Yes! If your Zippo is broken, no matter how old, you can send it to their Zippo Repair Clinic and get it fixed for free.

Can you use lighter fluid in a Zippo?

Yes, Zippos are refillable! They sell a premium lighter fluid specially made for Zippos but other, regular lighter fluids may also be used.

Can you fill a Zippo with butane gas?

No, you may not. Other Zippo torch lighters are compatible with butane gas but their Windproof lighters are not. Only use lighter fluid for optimal results.

How do you fix the flint on a Zippo lighter?

If your flint is stuck, remove the inside component of the lighter and turn it upside down. Remove the flint spring with a screwdriver and partially remove the flint spring. Check if this fixes your problem.

If it doesn’t, you either need to replace the flint or get it repaired at a Zippo Repair Clinic. They can fix it for you for free!

How do I change the flint in my Zippo?

First, remove the lighter from the case. Carefully unscrew the screw underneath, ideally using a small screwdriver. This should reveal the flint spring. Remove any remaining pieces of flint by tapping the lighter right-side up.

Insert a new flint in the tube, replace the flint spring, and re-assemble the lighter.

How do you change the wick in a Zippo windproof lighter?

Pull up the wick with tweezers and cut off the blackened portion and even it with the top of the chimney. If you want to replace the entire wick, remove all of the packings inside the lighter with tweezers. Insert a new wick down the chimney and weave the wick between the padding.

How do you clean a Zippo lighter?

Depending on the material, you can clean the outside of the lighter with cleaning fluid and a soft cloth. Special materials like brass and sterling silver may require special cleaning agents, and thus, a different set of instructions as well.

What are Zippos used for?

Zippos are used like any other normal lighter, whether it’s for lighting cigarettes, cigar, candles, DIY projects and quick fixes at home, and more!

What makes a Zippo lighter windproof?

The structure of the chimney makes Zippo lighters windproof as the chimney protects the flame from going out.

What is Zippo lighter fluid made out of?

Zippo lighter fluid is primarily made out of Naphtha fluid.

What kind of lighter fluid can I put in a Zippo?

Only Naphtha is advisable to put into Zippo’s windproof lighters. These lighters are wick-type lighters and Naphtha is the lighter fluid of choice.

To Conclude

Zippo remains to be one of the world’s leading lighter brands. It’s an American icon and household name that has stayed strong throughout the decades, and for good reason!

The innovativeness of their windproof design combined with attractive cases makes it a favorite for lighter users. Not to mention the high quality of products used to make their lighters as well, assuring its durability. So what are you waiting for? Get a Zippo lighter today!