Best Vortex Hunting Binoculars

Binoculars are very important when outdoors. If you’re a hiker or an outdoor enthusiast, you would know how and why binoculars are among the most important equipment. However, choosing the best hunting binoculars, specifically, maybe a little tricky. Let’s have a look at the salient features of the best Vortex hunting binoculars.

Features Of Vortex Hunting Binoculars

There are certain factors and features you must consider first. But fortunately, Vortex may just be the answer. Vortex Optics is easily among the best hunting binoculars 2019. The brand’s products are mostly but not limited to binoculars as they sell other equipment too.

They have tripods, monocular (or telescopes), spotting scopes, rifle scopes and rangefinders among many others. Vortex labels itself as “The force of optics”. Living up to their image, Vortex delivers competitive equipment.

Although they can get a little pricey, rest assured that your satisfaction is put first with Vortex’s lifetime warranty. Here are some more features we think you should know.

Magnification, Objective Size and Field Of View

These three features are very important factors to take note of when finding the best hunting binoculars. The Diamondback Roof Prism is the top rated hunting binocular from Vortex brand. It comes in eight different sizes from 8×28 to 12×50.

The Classic 10×42 Roof Prism can be magnified up to 10x. The objective lens diameter is at 42mm while the linear field of view is at 345 feet. For its angular field of view, it is up to 6.6 degrees. This is a pretty good bargain for its price.

Exit Pupil and Relative Brightness Index

As for the exit pupil of the Diamondback Roof Prism, it is ranged at 4.2mm. The relative brightness is simply measured by squaring the exit pupil. Such binoculars with higher relative brightness deliver brighter images.

The Diamondback Roof Prism is just that. It has a 17.64 relative brightness index.

Prism vs. Focus Type Binoculars

There are different types of binoculars. However, the prism and the focus type are among the most popular when it comes to hunting binoculars. For the prism, you have the Porro prism and the roof prism.

A Porro prism binocular is the conventional type that has a hump-shaped structure. On the other hand, the roof prism is the one with a straight, barrel type of body design. If you’re looking for a binocular that is both cheap and doesn’t compromise quality, Porro prism might be perfect for you.

But for a well-sealed and waterproof binocular, you’re most likely to find the most competitive ones in roof prism binoculars. The second type is the focus type and it is as its name itself suggests.

Similar to DSLR cameras, focus types have the center focus feature which makes them good birding binoculars. If you want something that doesn’t just magnify but focuses, the focus type might be for you.

Image Quality

When it comes to image quality, Vortex will not fail you as well. With its relative brightness, magnification, exit pupil, objective size and field of view, all is good. However, do note that if you won’t be using the binoculars for hours, average image quality would do.

Although if you do plan to use binoculars for long periods of time, brands like Nikon, who specialize in center focus and image quality might be an alternative. But beware, the higher the image quality, the more expensive a binocular is.

Specs and Features

Vortex binoculars come in different product lines, sizes, weight, and versions to cater to your needs. You have 14 different binocular lines to choose from such as the Viper, Diamondback, and the Razor. For the most lightweight, the Viper HD binoculars are the lightest.

Almost, if not all, the binoculars at Vortex are rubber-coated and waterproof to ensure your satisfaction. The rubber coating is what gives you good grip and waterproof is what makes the binocular fog-free.

As for the cost, don’t worry because all Vortex binoculars are reasonably priced considering their quality and lifetime warranty. They cover a wide range of eye relief and are usually fully multi-coated or dielectric coated.

Dielectric prism coatings give binoculars a more accurate, clearer and brighter image.


What is the best Vortex Hunting Binocular?

For hunting, the best Vortex binocular might just be the Viper HD in 10×42. Just the sheer number of features it has easily makes it the best. It seals away moisture, water, and debris, making it fog-proof. Image quality is also remarkable.

It is multicoated and rubberized, giving it a nice grip. Although it can get a little heavy and pricey, it won’t compromise on vision and added accessories for the package. However, if you want a cheaper alternative, then the Diamondback in 10×42 might be a good option.

It is multi-coated, argon gas purged, fog-proof, waterproof and rubber armored as well. It has a center focus wheel and its eyecups are adjustable. It is definitely worth your money, but for a cheaper price.

Do Vortex binoculars have warranty?

All Vortex binoculars are covered within the lifetime warranty. Repair and/or replacement is covered by this warranty should you experience any defects or incur damages.

All Vortex red dots, rifle scopes, prism scopes, spotting scopes, rangefinders, binoculars, tripods, and monoculars are subject to fully transferable warranty. You don’t need any warranty cards or to keep any receipts.

So if you’ve lost your receipt, no need to fuss. As long as it’s from Vortex, they’ve got you covered.

Where is Vortex hunting binoculars made?

Though the company itself is based in Wisconsin, product manufacturing is usually in Japan, China and/or the Philippines. The Razor scopes were usually manufactured in Japan while the Diamondback and Vipers, in the Philippines.

However, recently, Vortex moved all manufacturing of binoculars to China. This said, the quality still hasn’t changed. So, don’t worry, all Vortex products have still undergone through rigorous quality checks!

Through The Eyes

At the end of the day, the best hunting binoculars will depend on your needs and budget! But remember, if you want binoculars that are of top quality, do not compromise on price. We wish you luck on your hunt!