Best Camping Cots: Teton

From backpacks and sleeping bags to cot and camping pads, Teton Sports surely has it for you. Named after a mountain range in North America, Teton endorses itself as a sport and outdoors equipment brand.

Teton is a brand that is both reasonably priced yet does not compromise on quality. Everything you might need for camping, hiking or any sports and outdoor activity, you might find in Teton. That includes accessories as well.

For camping, it is very important you find a high-quality cot. The cot is not only a resting place when in outdoors; it is also sort of your “home” outside. If you’re going to sleep on a cot for the next few days, it is a given that it should withstand wear and tear.

Reviews on the best camping cots 2019 state that with Teton, you are guaranteed to get a camping cot that doesn’t fail if that’s what you need. Here’s why:


Quality, Durability, and Value

Just as we mentioned earlier, Teton’s camping cots are of great quality, ensured to give you your money’s value. Choosing only the best materials, especially for outdoors, Teton surely won’t fail you with its cots.

Teton’s guarantee and/or warranty will also ensure you of your money’s worth. No need to worry about any defects or problems later on.

Portability and Weight

Among the four different camping cots sold by Teton, the heaviest only weighs a total of 26 pounds. This is the Outfitter XXL camping cot. As for the lightest camping cot, Teton has the Somnia camping cot, weighing only 10 pounds.

When it comes to portability, all four are highly portable. The parts are easy to attach and detach. But most importantly, Teton camping cots can be folded into a carry bag, so you can easily stow it away or bring it with you.

Overall Functions

Naturally, camping cots serve as your resting place when outdoors. Teton’s camping cots fulfill this purpose exceptionally. But more than just serving as an equipment for resting, you can also use it as a “storage bag” when disassembled.

Pair it with Teton’s camp pads and cot organizers, and it’s as good as your own room at home!


Coming in different sizes and designs, Teton’s camping cots prove to be very versatile. They also have different pack weights, so you can decide which camping cot is best for you and your trip.

But don’t worry, because lightweight does not necessarily mean low weight capacity. We will be further elaborating on all of Teton’s available camping cots later on.


With Teton, not only do you get high-quality camping equipment, you also get a guarantee! Should you encounter any problems or defects with the product, later on, you may get a free parts replacement from Teton.

Simply contact Teton’s customer service line and fill out their parts replacement form. For a lifetime warranty, you may avail of this by filling out Teton’s product registration form for every Teton product that you buy.

There is no maximum number of products for the lifetime warranty. As long as it is from Teton or its official distributors, you can register the product.

Dimensions and Size

In our Frequently Asked Questions section below, we listed down the four different camping cots available at Teton. However, please do note that the difference in size and dimensions do not vary greatly. Here are their specific size and dimensions of Teton’s camping cots:

  • SomniaUltralight Camp Cot – 74” x 28” inches
  • Adventurer Camp Cot – 75” x 25” inches
  • Universal Camp Cot – 85’’ x 32” inches
  • Outfitter XXL Camp Cot – 85” x 40” inches

Assembling of Cots

If you’re new to camping or the outdoors in general, no need to worry. Teton features a product support website where you can find how-to videos

But overall, Teton’s camping cots are pretty easy to assemble and disassemble. This is because once you set up the legs of the cot; you’re one step away and good to go.


All four camping cots available at Teton’s are made with 600D brushed poly canvas. This is a very heavy-duty material idea for the outdoors. Moreover, the color of the fabric used for the cots is black.

This makes it very easy to clean. It also won’t get easily dirty because of the color.

Comfort and support

Last but not the least would be comfort and support. After a long day of hiking and outdoor adventure, retreat peacefully and rest well in the safe haven that is Teton. Teton’s camping cot offers premium not only quality but also comfort and support for its users.

The legs of Teton’s camping cots are usually made of extruded aluminum. However, for their Adventure Camp Cot, the used reinforced steel for its legs instead. This is so you can set up the cot more easily.

Most importantly, the weight capacity of all Teton camping cots is pretty generous. The Outfitter XXL cot can hold up to 600 pounds while the Universal and Adventurer camp cots 400 pounds.

The SomniaUltralight camp cot is by far, the lightest among all four when it comes to weight capacity and pack weight. It can carry up to 275 pounds, spread evenly over the cot. This is perfect for those who want to pack light.


Which are the TETON cots for sale?

Teton has mainly four camping cots for sale. These are the Somnia Camp Cot, Adventurer Camp Cot, Universal Camp Cot and the Outfitter XXL Camp Cot. All four come in different sizes and designs to cater to your camping needs!