What Is The Best Swiss Army Knife Brand To Buy?

When you mention the name ‘Victorinox’, the word that immediately comes to the mind is quality. Founded as a small shop in the once-impoverished Switzerland, Victorinox has become a global leading manufacturer of top quality products today. Years of dedication and hard work on producing the best quality multi-tools marked its name in most of the reviews on the best multi-tools 2019.

But, why exactly should you buy Victorinox-brand multi-tools? Let meallow it to break it down for you:

Features of Victorinox Multi-tools

If Victorinox multi-tools were a student, he would have received A+ for everything. Victorinox multi-tools have satisfied numerous customers worldwide, from the durability of the product to portability. Let us enumerate how Victorinox have perfected every aspect of a multi-tool.


The Victorinox brand of multi-tools is best known for the durability of their products. After all, the brand would never have survived two centuries if their multi-tools were not durable.

All Victorinox brand multi-tools are made of the finest stainless steel to ensure the optimum durability. While Victorinox ensures the best durability, the brand also likes spicing up the designs a bit. Some Swiss army multi-tools feature nylon casing, while others have handles made from high-grade aluminum.

Victorinox brand multi-tools can last a lifetime, but they can only do so with your help. With the proper cleaning and maintenance, your Victorinox multi-tool can last several generations.

Value and Quality

Another factor that boosted the popularity of the Victorinox brand is the value and quality. Like we said earlier, any person will always think of the word ‘quality’ when they hear ‘Victorinox.’

The quality of Victorinox knives is so impeccable that one of their products has been dubbed the “Knife of the Year 2007” during the IWA, the largest knife exhibition in the world.In addition, Victorinox multi-tools are one of the few trusted brands of military men and emergency personnel, highlighting its quality. But what tops it all off is the affordable price of these tools.


If the warranty is one of your concerns, then never fret! Victorinox has got your back.

Within every purchase of your Victorinox brand Swiss Army knives, you get to receive a limitedlifetime warranty. If you need some quick repairs and maintenance, then you can send your knife and anticipate a completely fixed tool!

Before you use the product warranty, just make sure to read their guidelines about it. This will inform you about the scope of your product warranty and know what they owe to you.

Tools Included

Another amazing featureabout Victorinox is the wide array of tools attached to their Swiss Army knives. From nail files to cork screws, they have it all!

While an average Victorinox multi-tool has approximately 15 tools, the possibilities of this tool are endless. Most Swiss Army knives have screwdrivers, wire strippers, scissors, metal saw, and rulers. Others possess more convenient items like ball point pens, toothpicks, tweezers, and a nail file.

With these tools in one Swiss Army knife, Victorinox proves how versatile its products can be. From technicians and casual collectors to military men and survivalist, Victorinox multi-tools can be used by anyone at anywhere.


While Swiss Army knives have different sizes, Victorinox makes them just in the right size. The average size of a Victorinox Swiss Army knife is around four inches, but they make other size varieties. Victorinox knows the value of convenience and portability, so they make easy-to-use and easy-to-carry multi-tools for their customers.


If the size is right, then the multi-tool is bound to be easy to carry.

As we’ve said earlier, Victorinox knives are just made at the right size. This means you can carry them in your pockets or place them in your toolbox without consuming too much space. Moreover, they are easy to use, fitting in emergency situations.

Best Victorinox Multi-tools: Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions for us? Well, we have prepared the most frequently asked questions on the web and answered them here! We hope that we have somewhat answered all your questions about Swiss Army multi-tools.

What is the reamer on the Swiss Army Knife for?

A reamer is a tapered, edge-sharpened tool in your Swiss Army multi-tool. Its primary function is to drill, scrape, or puncture a hole in a soft or leather material. To use, simply push the reamer through the material and rotate it until you get a rounded hole.

A reamer has several uses, but many multi-tool owners use reamers for sewing.

What is the hook on the Swiss Army Knife for?

Introduced in SwissArmy knives around 1991, hooks are frequently found behind the scissor tool. These hooks are sometimes called parcel hooks.

There are many ways in which you can use the hook tool. Known as a parcel hook, it can be used to open packages or a box wrapped in strings. You can also use this hook as a fishing lure or plumb bob.

Is the Swiss Army Knife legal in my country?

In the UK, it is not permissible to carry a knife without a good reason. This means that the knife is a requirement for your employment or a hobby. Moreover, folding knives can be carried as long as its three inches or less, and not a fixed blade.

Since Swiss Army knives are folding knives, you may carry it. Just remember that it must be under three inches and to be used for good reasons.

In the US, legislation about knives depends on the state. However, in general, Swiss Army blades may be carried, so long as it’s less than 2.5 inches. Please make sure to confirm with your state government about knife laws and regulations.

In a Nutshell

If you are looking for an ideal multi-tool, then make sure to go for the Victorinox brand! With its optimum durability, great quality, and affordable value, your Victorinox Swiss Army knife will last you a lifetime. Moreover, the Victorinox warranty has got your back in case of maintenance and repairs.