Why Spyderco is the Best Tactical Knives Brand for You?

Founded in 1976, Spyderco has been one of the leading figures in the knife manufacturers industry ever since its foundation. They were the first to introduce the folding knife and had produced more innovations since then. These developments led to more powerful knives that are available today.

The tactical knife is one of the most in-demand types of knives in the market. Spyderco specializes in this type and ensures that each product is one of a kind. It’s no wonder that they are the most trusted brand of the tactical knife in the world.

Today, you’ll discover the features of the Spyderco Tactical Knives, and why it’s the best tactical knives brand for you!

Features of Spyderco Tactical Knives

Spyderco has a lot of loyal customers worldwide. They have produced great knives throughout the years. In fact, when you own a Spyderco knife, you feel like you are holding quality in your hands.


A tactical knife’s durability can be measured in a lot of ways. However, it should be able to withstand strong force, especially during a contact. The Spyderco is definitely reliable in this department, with its outstanding efforts to create durable tactical knives:

  • Tactical folding knives have a durable lock to prevent it from getting loose or separating from the blade.
  • Each blade is measured precisely and attached neatly to its proper handle.
  • Some knives have fiberglass on the handle to withstand shock and pressure.


Honesty and fairness are some of the most valued characters of the Spyderco, Inc. Thus, they ensure that each of their products is in great condition.  Nonetheless, they provide a lifetime warranty, except for the following cases:

  • Abuse and misuse
  • Theft and loss due to carelessness

Blade Size

The size of the blade depends entirely on how much you can handle and what its intended purpose is. Spyderco has all of the various sizes of knives that you may need—from small pocket sizes to longer ones.

However, it is ideal to have a smaller knife that can do a lot. Nonetheless, whatever size you may desire is ready and available in Spyderco.

Edge Type

The edge of a tactical knife needs to be sharp for cutting needs. Spyderco guarantees that each of their knives is sharpened well and does not easily get dull. They have a popular line of tactical knives called PlainEdge that promises sharp, stainless edge.

Here is a comprehensive list of Plain Edge tactical knives you can check out.

Construction Quality

Each Spyderco tactical knife is constructed with utmost attention. More than 30 years of research and development helped cultivate the quality of each of their knives. Thus, Spyderco is not the one to deny its customers of good quality:

  • Each blade is accurately measured and paired with a handle that can match its power.
  • They have locks and powerful adhesive materials to keep the blade intact.
  • The knives are made of quality carbon steel or stainless-steel material that makes it resistant to rust.

Handle Features

Spyderco pays close attention to the type of materials they are using for handles. The handles are lightweight and comfortable to grip. They are also made to be slip-resistant, so you don’t have to worry if you have sweaty hands.


Each tactical knife is ergonomically designed so that every element fits well with the needs of a person. Spyderco makes sure that every knife design is examined before production. The design is always made with a specific need in mind.


The price of each Spyderco tactical knife is always worth every penny. You are guaranteed to have a knife that meets all of your preference. Each knife lasts several years that it feels like you’re investing for the future with every product.

Blade Shapes

Generally, having the bigger blades is more preferred for tactical knives. The blade must also have a sharp tip to help in close contact situations. The Spyderco has all sorts of blade shapes that will surely interest you.

They have more than 10 blades for your perusal, which includes double-edge blades, spear point blade, and more.

Best Spyderco Tactical Knives: Frequently Asked Questions

You might still have some questions, thus here is a list of some frequently asked questions about Spyderco. If your inquiry is not here, feel free to contact us!

Which is the best Spyderco tactical knife for 2019?

Many of the Spyderco products are included in the bestsellers’ list. But the Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Folding Knife is considered the best Spyderco tactical knife for 2019. It is very popular for its incredible sharpness as well as its weight and size.

Which is the best Spyderco knife for EDC?

For the best Spyderco knife for EDC, Spyderco Byrd Cara Cara2Black SS Black Blade ComboEdge Knife might be the one. It is sharp and compact. It can fit in your pocket and bag properly, so it’s great for every day carry.

Which is the best Spyderco knife for self-defense?

The Spyderco Byrd Robin2 Black G-10 PlainEdge Knife is the best Spyderco knife for self-defense. It is made for one-hand opening, so it is very fast to operate. Its edge is also very sharp and is even great for cutting.

What is the most popular Spyderco tactical knife?

Spyderco tactical knives are certainly very popular amongst knife users and lovers. Many of these popular products include the PlainEdge and Tenacious models. Check out this list for some of the bestsellers.

Is Spyderco a good tactical knife?

The Spyderco is a very good tactical knife that is made for survival use, and so much more. It has so many features that make your life easier in every step. It is even reliable for cooking and hunting.

Is Spyderco the best tactical knife?

With several branches all over the world, Spyderco is regarded as one of the best tactical knives brand. The countless loyal customers they have,is a proof of their extraordinary quality.

Where is Spyderco tactical knives made?

All of the Spyderco tactical knives are designed and manufactured in its branches from different countries. This includes the USA, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, and China.

Where can I buy a Spyderco knife?

The Spyderco knife is available in the market nationwide. It can also be ordered online through its official website, and official distributors such as Amazon.

Which is the smallest Spyderco knife?

The Spyderco Bug SS Slip Joint Plain Edge Knife is the smallest Spyderco knife. It is only 2.875-inch in full size and promises great use for detail-oriented work.

Which is the largest Spyderco knife?

To this date, the Spyderco TatankaG-10 Black Plain Edge Knife is the largest knife of the Spyderco brand. It is proven useful in extreme circumstances and uses.

Which is the biggest Spyderco knife?

The Spyderco Tatanka G-10 Black Plain Edge Knife is also the biggest Spyderco knife.

What are the best Spyderco knives?

Spyderco provides only the best knives on the market. Here is a list of the best Spyderco knives you can choose from.

Which is the best Spyderco folding knife?

Other than the Tenacious Plain Edge, the Spyderco Endura4 PlainEdge Knife is one of the best Spyderco folding knives. It is a 4-way clip and has a sophisticated screw-together construction.


Cutting Edges with Spyderco

A matter of life or death, convenience or problems, comes with purchasing a knife. When it comes to tactical knives, it is important that we pay close attention to each and every feature. After all, this is a knife that we may have to use for survival purposes too.

Spyderco had proven for decades why it remains to be the best tactical knives brand. Many of its products come from in-depth research and development. With a Spyderco knife, you know that you are holding quality in your hands.