Best Daypacks for Hiking: Osprey

The humble beginnings of Osprey brand can be traced back to its founding year in 1974. Its founder Mike Pfotenhauer started a small retail shop that manufactures custom-made and made-to-order packs. The well-fitted packs became widely known to backpackers.

Today, the brand continues its commitment to provide comfortable and durable packs or its users. The brand continues to promote innovation in developing ergonomic and sustainable products for its consumers.

It has now become one of the most admired, trusted, and famed brands for daypacks. Their assurance of excellence is built on the company’s mission of building relationships. They believe that great quality comes from the bond between the pack and its makers.

As a result, top-notch products resulted in outstanding relationships between the brand and its users. The company’s trust in their products makes it easy for the consumers to reciprocate the same trust. Moreover, Osprey daypacks became more popular among people and is frequently mentioned in many best hiking daypacks reviews.

Features of Hiking Daypacks


The right volume of your daypack depends on your preference and activity. If you’re looking for a lightweight daypack, the Daylite with 13L capacity is a good choice. Despite its compact size, it has plenty of space to store and organize your items.

On the other hand, the Aether Pro 70 offers spacious storage even for month-long journeys. This 70L-capacity daypack is equipped with pockets and sleeves built for heavy loads. Also, it has a water reservoir, hip belt pockets, and detachable sleeping pad straps.


The weight of your Osprey daypack depends on its load capacity. The bulkier types of Osprey backpacks such as ones with 88L capacity weighs 5.4 lbs. Compact daypacks with 13L capacity only weigh 1 lb while 36L to 55L capacity weighs around 3.2-3.9 lbs.


Reviews for best daypacks are impressed by the durability of Osprey’s products. Users are fascinated that the packs can last a lifetime despite the constant use in traveling, biking or hiking.

Furthermore, the fact that the company repairs minimal damages means that slight defect will not make the pack completely dispensable.


By purchasing an Osprey daypack, you can be guaranteed of dependable quality. Other than that, you can also be assured of trusty warranty program for your gears. Osprey can restore any defect or replace your pack if repairs will not suffice.

For owners outside the United States, there is an International Customer Service page on Osprey’s website. You can inquire about your country’s warranty policy at your local Osprey Distributor.


Daypack designs by Osprey are guaranteed to be your most comfortable packs. A wide range of sizes is available to ensure a proper fit for various torso lengths. Styles with harness that can be adjusted and changed are also available to further customize the fit.

Osprey also created well-thought-of designs for women which adapt to the fit of a woman’s neck, shoulder, and chest. The hip belts were also structured according to the narrower shape of women’s hips.


The materials used in crafting Osprey packs are not only durable but also sustainable. Osprey’s products are manufactured with top-notch materials and fabrics to ensure a long-lasting quality. In this way, resource wastes are kept to the minimum.

In addition to, Osprey does not over-produce their products and encourage their customers not to purchase a new daypack until they are completely worn out. Also, the company’s warranty policy prioritizes repair over replacement to prevent additional waste.


Osprey daypacks are meant to be your companion in every kind of adventures. There are various styles for backpacking, hiking, climbing, and traveling. For skiing and snowboarding backpacks, there are also Osprey models meant for these activities.


You can find the right daypack according to your budget in Osprey’s selection.Kerstel 68 Technical Backpack is one of the most affordable options which retails for around $34. The Aether Pro 70 is one of the priciest options which you can get for $375.


Best Osprey Hiking Daypacks: Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Osprey packs made?

Osprey packs are produced in factories located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. During its early days, Osprey is made in Santa Cruz California and South-western Colorado.

Where to buy Osprey daypacks?

To ensure the authenticity of your Osprey daypacks, you should only buy from authorized dealers. A list of local dealers near your area is available at Osprey’s website. Direct purchase from the website is also available in selected countries.

Which Osprey packs are add-on compatible?

Models such as Aether AGTM 85 have features to support additional equipment such as ice-tool loops and bungee tie-offs. Straps for sleeping pad and attachments for trekking poles are also included.

All Osprey models are compatible with Osprey hydration reservoirs and other limited brands. The Daylite pack can be attached to larger packs to provide additional storage. Few examples of compatible models are Aether/Ariel Series and Volt/Viva Series.

Which Osprey pack is best?

Some of the highly rated Osprey models are Fairview 40, Farpoint 40, Kestrel 38, and Flapjack Pack. The Fairview 40 is the top choice of women while the Farpoint 40 is recommended for trekking. The Kestrel 38 and Flapjack are the top picks for daypacks.

Which Osprey pack is right for me?

The Osprey website has a PackfinderSM feature to help you find the best daypack for your lifestyle. It profiles daypack recommendations according to your gender and main activity. To further refine the choices, you can also filter the trip length, features, and price.

Can I put my Osprey backpack in the washing machine?

For proper bag care, Osprey disapproves of washing your packs in a washing machine. Instead, carefully wash them in a tub or large sink using mild soap and water. Remember to remove harness and hip belt from your back if there are any.

How do you measure for Osprey backpacks?

Osprey recommends having your size measured by one of the professionals in your local dealer. This is to accurately measure the proper pack fit for your body. The Osprey website also offers a sizing and fitting guide to aid in finding the best fit for your pack.

The guide contains information on how to measure the torso and hip belt size on your own. It also provides a size chart for men, women, and children sizes. In addition to, guidelines for harness size is also provided for certain packs with a shoulder harness.

Osprey: We got your backs!

We don’t really need a lot of daypacks. Instead, we need the kind of daypacks that are versatile enough to fit in most of our activities and will last a lifetime. It is better to invest in quality daypacks rather than buying several times which will turn out to be much pricier.

With Osprey, every purchase comes with a guarantee of a long-lasting partnership between you and your daypack. Plus, you get a lifetime warranty on repair or replacement for your gear! Isn’t that a sweet deal?