Why Are Nitecore Keychain Flashlights the Greatest?

Do you know why casual campers, search and rescue teams, and military men are using best Nitecore keychain flashlights? It’s because Nitecore is a company that lives on quality. In more than 100 regions, Nitecore has continuously produced high-quality keychain flashlights and have been classified as top in the reviews on the best keychain flashlight 2019.

From battery to modes, their flashlights are the epitome of innovation.

What makes it so good?

There are so many reasons why Nitecore is one of the best leading manufacturers of flashlights. If we start listing them down, this article will be too long. . So, for your convenience, we’ve shortened the list into six categories!

Battery types

One of the factors that make Nitecore flashlights stand out from the rest is its battery types. The Nitecore Company produces its own special batteries for their special flashlights.

Prioritizing long usage and maximum, Nitecore has engineered these batteries to unleash the full potential of their flashlights. The Nitecore 2100mAh battery certainly fulfills those criteria. Despite its small size, it is stable, powerful, and definitely eco-friendly.

You can use it not only for Nitecore flashlights but also for vaping devices. In addition, Nitecore also offers special portable battery magazines for easy storage of these batteries.


As a company founded by flashlight fanatics, Nitecore is a company where diverse sets of flashlights are manufactured. From tactical flashlights to the keychain flashlights, Nitecore has got it all.

Nitecore makes sure that the size of their flashlights is proportional to the needs and convenience of their customers.  For their keychain flashlights, Nitecore provides a small range of sizes to choose from.

Most of their keychain flashlights are around five inches in length with a head size of one inch. But don’t be fooled by these sizes. These flashlights can blind you with brightness after one flick of the switch!

Run-On Time

With powerful batteries and an ingenious design, Nitecore flashlights can be used for a long period of time. Most of their keychain flashlights have a maximum run-on time of 330 hours which is equal to 13.75 days of continuous use!

Other keychain flashlights have a run-on time of 520 hours or 21.66 days.But, the run-on time is not the only cool feature of these keychain flashlights. These flashlights have a maximum lumen range of 1000 – 1800 lumens!

Moreover, they can emit beams of light that can reach up to 232 – 255 meters.How awesome is that?

Switch Types

Not only does Nitecore guarantee performance, they also guarantee convenience! Nitecore flashlights utilize different switch types in their flashlights. Most of their keychain flashlights use a single side switch.

With this switch, you can control different brightness levels and modes in one motion. Another switch type is a tactical tail switch. Located at the end of the flashlight, this switch gives you momentary illumination with a press of a button.

Despite these many switch types, they have one thing in common. That is, they are easy to use and easy to spot on the flashlights, unlike some brands.


All Nitecore flashlights are manufactured for a purpose or use. No matter the size, they can be used for hunting, military, law enforcement, and others. For this reason, all Nitecore keychain flashlights are equipped with different modes for these uses.

Most of the Nitecore keychain flashlights have at least three modes: location beacon, SOS, and Strobe. But, what do these modes mean? The location beacon mode is an ultra-efficient mode that is designed to signal your location.

As the name implies, the SOS mode is an international distress signal that can be used for emergencies. On the other hand, the strobe mode can be used either as an emergency distress signal or for self-defence.

Quality and Value

With these features, it is no secret that Nitecore keychain flashlights are high quality. However, the Nitecore Company takes it a step further by offering accessories.

Some models include a tail stand for your flashlight to store when not in use. Others offer a tactical lanyard to secure your flashlight with your wrist. If these features aren’t amazing enough for you, then the price certainly is! These keychain flashlights are extremely affordable.

With their durability, you can save up more money by using the Nitecore keychain flashlight as your forever flashlight.


Best Nitecore LED Keychain Flashlight: Frequently Asked Questions

Interested in purchasing a Nitecore keychain flashlight today? Oh, you have some questions. That’s alright! We have collated the most frequently asked questions about Nitecore on the internet and answered them here!

What is the best Nitecore LED Keychain flashlight?

That’s hard to say. All Nitecore LED keychain flashlight models are the best of its kind. But, if you are looking for the most popular keychain model, then the P12 is the one for you!

The P12 is a LED keychain flashlight with an output of 1800 lumen and a beam distance of 232 meters. This maximum distance is made possible by its Precision Digital Optics Technology (PDOT). With this technology, it can emit a more consistent and uniform beam that can reach great distances.

Other than that, this model includes a titanium-plated steel clip and tactical ring. It is also IPX 8 waterproof.

What are the Nitecore LED keychain flashlights that are made in the USA?

To note, the Nitecore website does not clearly state the place of manufacturing of their products. However, according to their contact page, they may be based in Guangdong, China.

Brightest Of Them All

Undoubtedly, the Nitecore Company produces one of the best quality flashlights. Not only are they durable and convenient, they also emit light that NASA can even see!

So, the next time you are looking for keychain flashlights, pick Nitecore. If you want the best out of your flashlights, then Nitecore is the one for you!

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