What Is the Best Multi-Tool Brand You Should Buy

Since the 1970s, Leatherman has been the undisputed king of multi-tools. It is hailed as the original American multi-tool, and nothing has beaten it. With only quality products to offer, this brand paved its own path to greatness. No best multi-tools review is complete without mentioning the Leatherman multi-tools.

For almost 40 years, Leatherman has been one of the most trusted brands not only for the Americans but also for the world. Through Tim Leatherman’s legacy, many people have discovered the convenience of having several tools in a single piece.

If this all sounds new to you, do not worry! You will learn all about Leatherman multi-tools today. More importantly—why, after so many years, it’s still the best multi-tool brand in the world.

Features of Leatherman Multi-Tools

The founder of Leatherman, Tim Leatherman, saw the importance of having a multi-purpose tool. It was inconvenient carrying so many tools when you’re always on the move. Thus, the idea of pliers, knives, screwdriver, and more came to him.

Originally, they had planned to sell only 4,000 of these tools when it was made. But due to its brilliance, they were able to sell 30,000 pieces. People saw how great its features were, and you are about to know them too.

What Makes Leatherman Peculiar and Most Popular?

The Leatherman multi-tool is a very popular brand amongst mechanics and multi-tool enthusiast. For one, it has up to 17 tools contained in one multi-tool piece. This includes pliers, wire cutters, stainless steel knife, saw, scissors, rulers, can openers, and more.

Most people prefer the Leatherman because it is like a pocket knife. You can just put it in your pocket or bag and use it immediately. It is very useful and convenient for outdoor activities, emergency fix, and every day needs at home.


A whopping 25-year limited warranty is allowed for all Leatherman multi-tools. As long as the damage is not caused by abuse or misuse, they will fix it. They also replace the damaged part for free.


The price of Leatherman multi-tool depends largely on the number of tools it has. They may range from $30-$200, and they have models you can choose from. No matter the price, Leatherman guarantees high-quality products worth every rent.


The time of the Leatherman as the leading brand in the multi-tool industry speaks for its quality. Surely, it won’t last this long if not for the people’s trust. It provided convenience to so many households and saved lives on some occasions.

It is a small, lightweight tool but it is compact and offers a wide range of fixing solutions. Every now and then, Leatherman makes sure that their brand is continuously improving by adding more features. This goes to show they value quality above all.

Leatherman Multi-Tools: Frequently Asked Questions

Surely, you have many questions about Leatherman. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Leatherman and its multi-tools. If your question is not included in the list, do not hesitate to contact us.

Which is the best Leatherman tool to buy?

The hottest Leatherman tool in the market is the Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool. It is very durable and made of stainless steel. But what’s best about it is that the 17 tools it is equipped with.

You can use this for something as complicated as fixing a car, to something as simple as opening a can.The Wave+ is an absolute international bestseller that you shouldn’t miss.

What is the best Leatherman for camping?

Camping requires a lot of preparations, especially when it comes to gears and tools. You need to match everything with the environment of the site. Chances are, you are going into the wild, so you need to be more prepared.

Here are some of the best Leatherman multi-tools for camping:

  • The Leatherman – Super Tool 300 Multi-tool should be very reliable for bigger works, such as cutting wires and woods.
  • The Leatherman – Surge Multi-tool is an ideal survival tool, especially in emergency situations such as robbery or animal attack.
  • The Leatherman Wave Multi-tool is a great tool as well for camping trips. Most useful would be the pocket knife and can opener that comes with it.

Are Leatherman tools guaranteed for life?

Leatherman tools are absolutely guaranteed for life and can last for decades. No wonder it has a limited warranty of 25 years. If your tool gets accidentally damaged in less than 25 years, they fix it or replace it.

Of course, to make the best out of the Leatherman tools, you need to take good care of it.

Which Leatherman multi-tool is best?

The Leatherman Wave Multi-tool remains to be the most popular product. Being a popular Leatherman product, this means that it’s the best. However, there are also two other Leatherman multi-tool favorites:

Who makes Leatherman tools?

The testing facilities in Portland, Oregon have a team of researchers and workers who make the Leatherman tools. They acquired the highest skill possible to maintain the quality and legacy of the Leatherman tools.

Who created the Leatherman?

The first-ever multi-tool and Leatherman tool was created by Tim Leatherman. He was then a mechanical engineering graduate who saw the need for a powerful tool. Thus, the Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. was born.

Where are Leatherman tools manufactured?

The Leatherman tools are all manufactured and home-made in Portland, Oregon. Tim Leatherman originated from this state, hence why it is the center.

A Multi-Tool for Multi-Uses

Finding the best multi-tool brand might be a difficult task because there are too many to choose from. Not to mention, there are troubles of imitation for a lower price that has low quality. You surely don’t want to spend money on a failed multi-tool.

Luckily, the Leatherman multi-tool exists to solve our problems. It has sustained its reputation as the upstanding king of multi-tools all these years. This popular brand will never disappoint because it only delivers the best quality!