Best Outdoor Survival Knives: Ka-bar

Outdoor survival knives are very useful for anyone to have. Even those who are not outdoor enthusiasts would be able to put the equipment to good use. That is why it would be very important to know what to look for when buying the best outdoor/ survival knife.

You can think of it as an investment for the future since buying a top-notch quality can be a little pricey. The good news here is that, Ka-bar might just be what you’re looking for. Ka-bar is easily among the most famous outdoor survival knife brands.

This is because of the quality as well as the wide range of products that they offer. From military and hunting to sporting and all-purpose utility use, Ka-bar’s got it for you. But the best part is that you get the equipment that’s only meticulously crafted to be the best for its price.

And so today, we will be talking about some of these features that make Ka-bar one of the best for this field.

Peculiar Features That Make Ka-Bar Unique and Popular

There are a lot of features that make Ka-bar outdoor survival knives unique. This is because originally, Ka-bar knives were submitted to be used by the US Marine Corps. Almost if not all Ka-bar knives are made with Cro-van steel.

The handle and blade are both ergonomically designed to be versatile. The sheath that comes along with each knife is also very competitive. But most importantly, the warranty is covered as well. Repair, parts replacement and the like? No need to worry.

Different Versions Available

To cater to your varying needs, Ka-bar has laid out 30 different knives for hunting and outdoors. However, should you be interested in buying the latest model Ka-bar has, the 120th Anniversary Dog’s Head knife might be for you.

It is a commemorative knife with a laser engraved logo of Ka-bar’s roaming bear and a tang stamped Dog’s Head Pirate logo. With its 7” inch Cro-van steel blade, leather handle, and sheath, it is both a good outdoor knife and collector’s item.

However, Ka-bar’s products are not limited to hunting and outdoor knives. They have eight different categories on their website. They also sell accessories and clothing to keep customers satisfied.

Quality and Durability

Just as we mentioned earlier, quality and durability are two factors Ka-bar doesn’t compromise when it comes to their knives. From the blade and handle, to the butt cap/guard and sheath, everything about Ka-bar knives screams durability.

This is what you get from a brand that produces equipment also used for military and tactical purposes. The blade thickness of each Ka-bar outdoor knife is also not something to joke about.

Not too thick and not too thin, your Ka-bar knife is fit for survival!

Handle Specifications And Knife Features

The 30 different Ka-bar hunting and outdoor knives have different features and handle specifications. However, you would find important details like these in the product specifications of a knife.

Ultramid, Cro-van, leather, and TPR are just some of the usual materials used for a Ka-bar knife’s handle. From the handle to the blade, your Ka-bar knife is made with utmost care and equipped with features that make it fit for outdoor survival!


Portability should be the least of your worries with Ka-bar. Not only does the brand offer versatile sizes of knives to cater your needs, they also come with quality sheaths. This is to make it easier for you to carry along with you or store away Ka-bar knives.

Moreover, they also have folding hunter knives for you to choose from. Storing and carrying has never been more convenient with Ka-bar.

Best Ka-Bar Knives: Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Best Ka-Bar Knife?

If you want a US Marine Corps quality kind of knife, the Ka-bar Full Size Fighting Knife might be a good option. It has an overall length of 11.875” inches. With the usual Cro-van steel, leather sheath and straight edge, this surely won’t fail you.

However, if you want a trusty Ka-bar knife option that also doesn’t break the bank, Ka-bar Becker BK2 can be a good alternative. It comes at a cheaper price that doesn’t compromise on quality.

A full tang heavy duty knife fits for camping tasks with a nylon sheath, BK2 is definitely a good bargain.

Is Ka-bar a good survival knife?

As a brand that’s submitted their product to be used by the US Marine Corps during the World War 2, Ka-bar has already long proven to be a good survival knife. Not only does Ka-bar specialize in outdoor and survival knives, their knives are also top notch for combat.

What kind of steel does Ka-bar use?

Most of the Ka-bar outdoor survival knives make use of the 1095 Cro-Van steel. This steel is proved to be of top quality both for fighting and the outdoors. Rest assured that it doesn’t get dulled easily nor does it break.

What does Ka-bar stand for?

Ka-bar is actually an acronym for the brand’s real meaning. Ka-bar stands for Knife Attachment-Browning Automatic Rifle. This is a name derived to describe the first ever combat knife adopted by the US Marine Corps in 1942.

Where are Ka-Bar knives made?

Just as mentioned in their official website, most, if not all, Ka-bar knives are made in the US. You will see this sign as well etched into the knife. Unless otherwise stated in the product specification.

This is why no worries as the knives you will buy from Ka-bar have gone through meticulous quality checks.

To Top Things Off

With a Ka-bar knife, you’re sure to ace outdoor survival! However, remember that when buying products such as these, it is best not to compromise on the budget. It is better to spend some money buying something top quality than sacrificing safety and long-term use.

We wish you luck in your quest to find the best outdoor survival knife!