Wayne Gregory was a young, 14-year-old boy scout when he first designed a backpack for his project. He later became the second employee at San Diego California Adventure 16.After meeting Andy Drollinger, the founder of San Diego California Adventure 16, Wayne bought raw materials from the factory and come up with backpack ideas.

Wayne founded Gregory Mountain Products in San Diego, California in 1977. Designing backpacks became his passion and he wanted to explore the new directions in soft packs and internal frame concepts. He eventually pioneered many firsts in the backpack industry.

Gregory introduced the first backpack in a different frame, the harness and waist belt system, the automatically improving load transfer, and the center-locking bar tack. From the earliest days, Gregory packs have been the top choice for backpacking, day hiking, lifestyle, travel, and mountain-biking.

Known for their innovative design, ergonomic fit, and quality, these packs are truly built to last. In fact, a backpack should be a natural extension of the user. It must work to help them achieve their goals.

With this understanding, the team at Gregory perfectly incorporated pack customization to guarantee optimal results from your outdoor experience. Therefore, if you are trying to decide what would best suit your adventurous lifestyle, look no further. Gregory is the best hiking daypacks and listed below are a few reasons why.




Gregory packs are designed to provide you with many years of enjoyable use. A lifetime warranty is provided but might not ever be put to use as they stand by their promise of incredible durability.

The double-lined, water-resistant bottom panels add to the lifespan of your pack. The manufacturers also used protective coatings to ensure remarkable strength for each design.


Energy savings play a huge factor in the outcome of your outdoor experience. The less energy used, the more productivity can be produced with maximum comfort and satisfaction.

Gregory packs are very reliable with the lifetime of high performance and energy efficiency crafted into each one.


Gregory daypacks allow you to carry more than fifty pounds of equipment. It can perfectly fit your food, water, clothing, camera gear, and all other essentials.

Each pack has a one-zip access to the main storage compartment and several pockets to meet all your organizing needs.It may even include one with a bungee closure to attach your biking or climbing helmet.

Material Made Of

Gregory packs are made of materials such as Nylon and Polyester, or a blend of both. Technologies used include Biosync ATS, Crossflow DTS, Momentum Hydro, Shift RS, and VaporSpan.

Hip Belt

Gregory packs have interchangeable hip belts or adjustable hip belt lengths to accommodate various body shapes and sizes. To allow proper load transfer, it must wrap clear over the side of your body. Make sure that it rests 1 inch above your iliac crest.

This will further enhance comfort as the perfect fit is definitely one of Gregory’s main priorities.


You can now reach greater heights while remaining comfortable as Gregory boasts of its unmatched weight distribution design. Each pack features a load-bearing curvature built into the back panel.

This was engineered to match the shape of your spine to assist you with the carrying while minimizing energy used due to its lightweight design.


Gregory’s philosophy is that a properly designed pack is worn, not carried. A proper design would mean a proper fit. This maximizes efficiency as it works with you to save energy.

Comfort is taken to a whole new level with Gregory as this philosophy is carried all throughout the production design of each daypack.

Value and Quality

The cost of each Gregory daypack is very reasonable. Thus, over the past thirty years, these packs have earned an outstanding reputation for value and quality. You get a daypack that doesn’t break the bank yet also doesn’t compromise on quality.

Wayne has always made it a point to pay attention to detail and this became an integral part of his company’s design and manufacturing culture.



Is Gregory a good daypack brand?

Gregory pioneered many firsts which are standard in the backpack industry today. It has attained global recognition and is without a doubt, one of the most notable names in daypacks.

Where are Gregory packs made?

The entire line is made in the USA.

Is Gregory a good daypack?

Gregory has become an iconic technical outdoor daypack brand with its lightweight design that provides an assortment of pockets and features. Whichever volume and capacity you are looking for, Gregory has got your day trip covered.


To Recap

Gregory believes that you get more out of your outdoor experience when you have the most comfortable, intelligently designed, superior quality equipment to trust. This brand has been there for backpackers and mountaineers since 1977.

The team at Gregory has been handcrafting premium packs to support your outdoor activities, from active trail day hiking to extreme backpacking. With Wayne’s obsession towards quality and perfection, each design he comes up with is made with the utmost dedication.

Gregory Mountain Products lives by the saying that “It doesn’t matter how you define adventure or where your curiosity leads you. Exploration is about the spirit and drives to make your life what you want.” The company’s mission is to build packs that would take you there.

We all know that choosing a daypack for hiking can be a tedious job considering the number of choices available today. The important part is to list down what you really need a daypack for.

This will help you decide on the kind of pack design that would suit your day hiking needs. With that said, whether you are looking for a pack built to withstand harsh conditions or mostly for cruising good trails, Gregory is the brand to choose.