Best Tactical LED Flashlights: Fenix

When it comes to the best tactical LED flashlight, Fenix might be a perfect choice for you and here’s why!

A Tactical LED flashlight is a good investment to have in case of emergencies. This is because a tactical flashlight doesn’t only work as an illuminator. But, it also works as a self-defense tool. This is highly ideal for women or people who cannot carry weapons.

As a brand that specializes in flashlights used by the military, police, government agencies and the like, Fenix only gives out the best. Fenix prides itself to be the best in this field.

The wide range of products as well as accessories that you can buy from Fenix all has unparalleled quality. But what makes Fenix very popular among professionals and hobbyists alike is the utmost care and service they deliver.

Aside from the price and quality of their products, Fenix ensures that they bring satisfaction to their customers even after the purchase has been made. Here are some features that make Fenix among the best tactical LED flashlights 2019.

Features of Fenix Tactical Flashlights

Reliability/ Durability

Just as we mentioned earlier, Fenix takes pride in the reliability and durability of its products. Most if not all Fenix flashlights feature a hard anodized aluminum body. As for the switch, they make use of a stainless-steel side switch.

This makes Fenix tactical flashlights very compact, sturdy and rugged. They are highly ideal for wear and tear. From the flashlight itself to the battery and the charger that comes along with it, quality is assured.

Dimensions: Size and Weight

When it comes to both the size and weight, Fenix makes sure that you get a reliable tactical flashlight that’s also very easy to bring along. A good example of this would be the Fenix 1000 Lumen PD35 Tactical Edition flashlight.

With a length of 5.4” inches and a 1” inch diameter, you get a very compact yet powerful tactical flashlight. But the best part is, it only weighs a total of 3.1 ounces. This said lightweight, powerful and durable are three words that sum the PD35.


 As for the battery, no need to worry because you are guaranteed a long battery life. Fenix offers both the conventional and the rechargeable tactical flashlights. The PD35 is designed to last for over 50,000 hours.

You have the option of using a 18650-rechargeable lithium-ion battery or two 3V CR123A lithium batteries for power source. For the rechargeable tactical flashlight, you have the Fenix TK20R.

The flashlight itself has a charging port. But the bundle comes with a 2900 mAh battery, a USB charging cable, holster, lanyard and two Backup LumenTac CR123A batteries.

Brightness and Run Time

It is a given by now that Fenix tactical flashlights are powerful. Therefore, they are also very bright. They come in different run times and brightness (or lumen) to cater to your needs. Some models come in 300, 900 or 1000 lumen.

But don’t worry. If you need a flashlight with the higher lumen, Fenix definitely has that for you as well. Models such as the TK75 2018 or Darkness Terminator have a maximum of 5100 lumens. It also features a total of 850 meters beam distance.

All Fenix tactical flashlights have extensive run times that vary depending on the mode you use them in each in time. Nevertheless, even with the highest lumen output, you still get a good run time.

Additional Features

Depending on which model you get, Fenix tactical flashlights offer several additional features that make them all the more versatile. For instance, Fenix flashlights have at the very least a 1-meter impact resistance and are waterproof/dustproof.

They also have different light modes from Eco to Turbo and Strobe. But most importantly, you will find that some models come with a limited lifetime warranty. This is a good bargain for quality tactical flashlights that are reasonably priced.

Best Tactical LED Flashlights: Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Fenix LED flashlight?

Whatever your needs may be, you can get the best Fenix LED flashlight for it. If you want an all-around tactical flashlight, the TK15UE might be a good option for you. Its price is not over the top.

Compared to other more advanced models, the TK15UE is less expensive. But the features are good for both tactical use and general chores. However, if you are interested in buying a really powerful light, again, the TK75 or Darkness Terminator might be the one for you.

Are Fenix flashlights good?

Fenix is easily among the best tactical LED flashlights or flashlights, in general, out there. With Fenix, not only do you get a reasonably priced yet competitive tactical flashlight, you also get a very hands-on customer service care afterward.

Fenix offers a very generous warranty to its buyers as a guarantee. If you encounter any problems or factory defects with your Fenix flashlight, simply contact them for a replacement that is deemed fair.

Where are Fenix flashlights made?

Fenix has an official flagship store in the US but ships to Canada and other countries as well through its official distributors. However, their products are manufactured and produced in China.

Undergoing through meticulous quality checks before hitting the market, you are ensured that your Fenix flashlights are reliable and sturdy!

To End Things

Fenix proves that buying a tactical LED flashlight does not have to be too expensive or complicated. It is possible to buy a top-notch tactical flashlight without breaking the bank.

However, it is important to note that when buying something that can also be used for self-defense such as this, it’s best not to compromise on the price. After all, this is an investment for safety and emergencies in the future.

We wish you luck in your hunt for the best tactical LED flashlight! If you found this article helpful, please let us know by commenting your thoughts below. Thank you for reading!