Why People Are Falling in With Fallkniven Knives- the Best Survival Knives

Founded by a hunter family in the coldest region of the planet, Fallkniven knows how to make a good knife. Fallkniven first started making quality survival knives in 1984.

Since then, Fallkniven knives have won several awards. They even became the official Purveyor to the Majesty King of Sweden. But, what makes the Fallkniven brand so special?

From their manufacturing to their break testing, Fallknivenknives are guaranteed to be of top quality. Let us break the reasons down in detail, that make Fallkniven knives found a stable place in the best survival knives reviews.

Features of Fallkniven Knives

Fallkniven is the one-for-all package that every person has been looking for in their life. From looks to functionality, Fallkniven has got it all. Let us show you how Fallkniven knives have aced all the criteria written below.


Fallkniven survival knives are the epitome of durability.The FallknivenCompany makes use of laminated steel for their knives. Laminated steel is made by layering different steels together to make a homogeneous alloy.

Compared to ordinary stainless steel, laminated steel is at least 20% more durable.Fallkniven knives have different sub-categories of laminated steel. Each of these sub-categories has a different Rockwell HRC level equivalent.

For example, 3G laminated steel has a Rockwell HRC level of 62.

Design and Ergonomics

Fallkniven knows that simplicity is elegance. So, for every survival knife model, Fallkniven likes to give their knives a simple black coating and satin finish. But, the FallknivenCompany doesn’t just design their knives for appearance.

They also design their knives ergonomically. Fallkniven knows balance is important in a survival knife. So, they make sure their knives are light and well-proportioned.

They also make sure to provide you the best comfort possible with each grip of the knife handle. The design and ergonomics of Fallkniven survival knives are so spectacular that even the Swedish army uses them.


For sure, each Fallkniven survival knife is made with great quality. In terms of durability, performance, proportion, and appearance, Fallkniven survival knives have aced them all.

They also make sure that their customers are well-provided for. Depending on your Fallkniven survival knife model, your purchase may come with a special sheath.

Like their knives, Fallkniven sheaths are durable and of great quality. In addition, Fallkniven knife handle also comes in different materials. They are as durable and beautiful as the knife blade.

Other Peculiar Features

The Fallkniven Company isn’t just good at making quality knives. They also offer a diverse set of services that you will surely love as much as their knives!

For each purchase, Fallkniven offers a laser engraving service. You can choose to put a logo engraving and/or a text engraving on your Fallkniven survival knife. The logos vary in sizes and engraving positions.

In the matter of text engraving, Fallkniven offers a limited selection of amazing fonts.Other than great services, Fallkniven also stands out for one thing. They are not afraid of putting their knives to the test.

With the cooperation of the Lulea University of Technology, Fallkniven knives were put into a break testing experiment. The experiment was conducted in order to check the strength of Fallkniven knives and how they fare against great forces.

Best Fallkniven Survival Knives: Frequently Asked Questions

Before purchasing a great survival knife from the Fallkniven Company, we are pretty sure you have some questions to ask. For your convenience, we have collated all the most frequently asked questions on the internet and answered them.

Your questions might have just been already answered by us!

Which is the best Fallkniven Survival Knife?

Fallkniven’s most popular survival knife is the same knife used by the Swedish Air Force pilots. Introducing the F1! From durability to value for money, the F1 has surpassed all international standards.

Its unique features have easily made it one of the most sought-after knives in the global market. The F1 survival knife may be made of 3G or VG10 steel. Either way, these metals give the knife a 59-62 in the Rockwell HRC scale.

Which is the best Fallkniven Survival Knife for hunting?

In the outdoor world, the S1Forest knife steals the show! Made for outdoor adventures and fishing, its laminated VG10 is strong enough to battle the odds of nature.

Its blade is equipped with a convex grind for strong cutting power and mild chopping work. The S1 Forest knife is also given a modified clipped blade shape and long curved edge for puncturing and skinning.

In addition, this knife model may come with a black CeraKote coating option. With this coating, your blade will be given the optimum protection against corrosion. It gives your blade a nice finish, to boot!

Where are Fallkniven survival knives made?

The Fallkniven Company has its headquarters in Boden, Sweden. However, their knives are manufactured in Seki City, Japan. The Hattori Company manufactures their fixed blade knives, while the Moki Company manufactures the folding knives.

Nonetheless, wherever these knives are manufactured, the quality stays the same.

Falling in love with Fallkniven

Ever since 1984, Fallkniven knives have captured more and more hearts in the world. How couldn’t they though? Fallkniven knives have everything. In terms of durability, design, and quality, Fallkniven knives have perfected them all.

And to top it all off, these knives are being sold at affordable and cost-friendly prices!So, if you are searching for your next survival knife, Fallkniven might be for you. Not only does Fallkniven offer great products, they also offer good services.

In this reputable company, you may just find ‘the one’ among their various selections of knives made in great craftsmanship.