Best Tactical Boots: The Danner Brand

Since 1932, the Danner brand has been known to make top-quality tactical boots. As the saying goes, “a well-worn pair of Danner boots served as proof that a logger was worth his salt.”

But, why are Danner boots so popular? How do they find a place in the best tactical boots reviews 2019? Well, the answer lies in their boots itself.

Why Danner Has the Higher Ground

The Danner tactical boots are popular and well-loved for several reasons. But, the gist of those reasons is: the Danner brand puts love and thought in each pair of their boots.

From choosing the right material for manufacturing, Danner keeps a close eye on how their boots are made.


Danner has been a brand where quality is always assured. From the start of the boot’s construction, the Danner brand makes sure to pick the finest materials to work with. Moreover, they employ a special stitching method on each boot. These stitches provide a wider platform and great stability in the underfoot.

Other than these, the Danner brand has strict quality control policies. Every boot is thoroughly examined under the clearest lenses. If there is just one loose stitch from a boot, it gets sent to be recrafted.

So, never worry about the quality of your tactical boots when they are Danner-certified


Above anything else, Danner prioritizes the experience of each foot that wears their boots. The Danner Company has synthesized various components that provide comfort to the wearer of their boots.

Within the booth, every Danner tactical boot has a built-in mesh lining. This mesh lining makes your boot more lightweight and breathable. Some boots have a spacer mesh lining to accommodate warm conditions.

In addition, every Danner tactical boot has an intricate lace system. Other lace systems prioritize the speed and easiness of wearing the boot. Some lace systems are designed to prevent snagging. While a few tactical boots employ a lace system that is secured with an ankle hook.

More importantly, the regular Danner tactical boot is guaranteed to fit any foot size, well and snug. Most boots offer a specific heel shape and enough space for your toes. Others offer a particular footbed system. Known as the Terra Force X Platform, this footbed promotes heel-to-toe energy transfer and side support.

Another footbed system, Danner® Vibram® All-Terrain (DAT) Platform, is all about shock absorption and comfort. In this platform, the rubber outsole is designed for maximum mileage. It is also designed for roping and climbing.


When it comes to prolonged use, Danner boots will last you a lifetime.

All Danner tactical boots are made from genuine rough-out, full-grain leather. This means that your tactical boots can withstand any scratch or damage from extreme environments. Other tactical boots are also combined with 1000 Denier nylon for superior protection.

The Danner Company knows the rudiments of your daily lives. So, they make sure your boots are ready for it.


Aside from their quality and durability, all Danner tactical boots are crafted with brilliant, simple designs. Inspired by the simple yet gruff style of military boots, Danner takes it up to the next level.

You can wear this boot to anywhere, from casual events to formal parties. Feel free to strut the street with these boots!

Value for Money

And you can get all these great qualities in a pair of boots at an affordable price! The Danner brand is sensitive to the demands of their consumers and the changes in the market.

Balancing those two opposite stakeholders, the Danner Company has set their brilliant boots at a win-win price for all.

Best Danner Tactical Boots: Frequently Asked Questions

Danner tactical boots are great, right? Huh, but what’s this? You are a bit hesitant because you have some questions? Well, not to worry! We have collected all frequently asked questions about Danner tactical boots and answered them here. Look and see these answers for yourself.

What are the best Danner tactical boots?

All Danner tactical boots are the best. However, if we had to choose, we would choose the Coyote Hot Metallic Toe of the Reckoning line. This tactical boot is designed for lightweight, comfortable, and intense use of our military men. However, anyone who wants a top-quality tactical boot is welcomed to use this.

Just to cite some specifications, these boots weigh 70 ounces per pair. They have a height of eight inches and they are not insulated. While they are not waterproof, they make use of the DAT platform as their footbed system.

Where are Danner boots made?

According to their website, all Danner tactical boots are manufactured in the USA. With this, you can definitely guarantee the quality of each pair of tactical boots in each purchase.

How to clean Danner military boots?

According to their website, the Danner Company recommends cleaning the boots when there is dirt or mud on it. To clean, use a wet rag, sponge, or brush to scrub them off the dirt.

For unseen grime and oil that may deteriorate the leather, use a cleaning gel to remove it. It is recommended to use the Danner cleaning gel for this. After applying the cleaning gel, rinse it off with clean water.

If you need to dry your boots, then do so with a boot dryer. Please do not use a hairdryer, space heater, or an open flame. This might damage your Danner tactical boots.

Where to buy Danner military boots?

You can order Danner military boots in their online store or accredited retailers. is one of the most reliable online distributors from where you can buy almost every gear.

With Every Step You Take

With every step you take, the Danner brand is always there for you. The Danner brand tactical boots are one of the best there is. From quality to the value of money, the Danner tactical boots have a score of A+. So, whenever you are shopping for your next pair of tactical boots, choose Danner.

Got any more questions? Leave it in the comment section below.