Best Condor Tactical Backpacks

Condor’s Inspiration

Condor Outdoor Products was inspired by the largest flying land bird Condor. Motivated by the Condor’s abilities, it aims to help users work effectively with each product. After starting out with camping goods, their line has now expanded to focused gears.

The birth and growth of their tactical line started with the 3-day Assault Pack. It stood them apart from their competitors because of the amazing quality of the backpack at an affordable price.

From their first tactical product, they ventured into creating different tactical performance wear which includes vests, backpacks, apparel, and footwear. Today, Condor continues to equip products for both camping and tactical needs.

Even in their 20th year of manufacturing, they remain to be a popular and trusted brand. They continue to receive positive reviews for quality production of tactical products and accessories.

One of the main products of Condor is the best tactical backpacks. These are highly rated because of its quality and amazing features. Condor guarantees the use of premium materials and quality craftsmanship in building functional gears for outdoor and tactical use.

Features of Condor Backpacks


You can find a wide variety of backpacks with different capacities under the Condor brand. To choose the best backpack, you have to choose the backpack’s capacity according to your needs.

If the EDC is too small for you and bulky backpacks are out of the option, you need a medium-sized backpack. In this case, the Condor Medium Assault Pack is one of the backpacks that offers a moderate size.

If your needs and activities require a large backpack, you can opt for the well-known and well-loved 3-day assault pack which features a 50L capacity.

Quality and Value

You can’t go wrong with the quality and value of Condor backpacks. This brand is known for their reputation of providing the best backpacks for hiking, camping, and even for tactical needs.

It is made of very durable materials that will last longer and will give you the value of your money. Best tactical backpacks reviews are applauding Condor backpacks because of their excellent quality that you can get for an affordable price.

People who purchased from the Condor brand are amazed that the backpacks can last for many years. Reviews are also commending the backpacks for the comfort they provide even if they have already been loaded up.

Hydration Bladder

Whether in outdoor activities or tactical missions, staying hydrated is very important. Water supply is one of the necessities you must pack because, in some places, water might be scarce or unsafe for drinking.

Condor offers a range of hydration packs to keep you hydrated in your adventures and missions. Some examples are the Fuel Hydration Pack and Hydration Pack.

Fuel Hydration Pack features a 2.5L TPU material bladder with bite valve. It also features a lot of pockets apart from the main compartment to help you in sorting out your things.

The Hydration Pack also features the same 2.5L TPU material bladder. It has a large main compartment with zipper expander to hold a hefty amount of your gears.


Condor Outdoor Products, Inc. first entered the market as a camping brand before venturing into tactical products. With this innovation, each product is crafted with high-quality that you can use either in camping or even during military operations.

With Condor backpacks, you get more than what you paid for. If you originally purchased a bag for tactical needs, no need to buy another one for leisure activities. Simply get your Condor tactical backpack and you’re good to go hiking and camping.

Furthermore, Condor backpacks come in different sizes that you can choose from to fit your needs. Since the choices are not limited you can freely purchase one that will also fit with your other activities such as travel or work purposes.


Condor uses high-grade materials for their backpacks to assure sturdiness and to prove that high-quality is not always equal to expensive price tags.

For example, the Condor 3-Day Assault Pack’s body is made out of 1000 Denier nylon. This type of material has polyurethane coat to make the backpack water-resistant. Apart from that, it has high abrasion resistance to protect the things from harsh conditions.

Since it’s very durable, you can be guaranteed not only with a high-quality backpack but also maximum protection for your things.

Additional Features

Some Condor backpacks such as the Condor Venture Pack has added features for comfort and protection. It features a padded laptop sleeve and a mesh sleeve to protect gadgets such as laptop and tablets. It also has a mesh at the back to allow better airflow.

On the other hand, Condor Frontier Outdoor Pack comes with a free SOG Micron II Knife if you purchase the product from Amazon. It also features a hydration storage and pocket linings made from fleece to protect the gadgets.

Best Condor Tactical Backpacks: Frequently Asked Questions

Are Condor backpacks good?

What makes Condor backpacks good is the quality you can get at an affordable price. Condor offers products that will not burn a hole in your pockets and at the same time will be able to last for years.

What are the best Condor backpacks for sale?

The Condor backpacks with the highest website ratings are Rover Pack, SolveigMilitaryPack with MultiCam, Aviator Bag, Trekker Pack and Sector Sling Pack.

Where are Condor backpacks made?

The brand behind Condor backpacks, Condor Outdoor Products Inc., manufactures durable and affordable tactical and outdoors gears in Irwindale, California. Outside the US, they have retail dealers in Canada, Philippines, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Japan, and others.

Which are the cheap Condor backpacks?

If you’re looking for affordable bags from Condor, you can choose among the Compact Assault, Fuel Hydration or Sling Bag. You can get the Compact Assault Pack for around $50 while the Fuel Hydration Pack and Sling Bag are around $62 and $66 respectively.

Top Backpacks among the Pack

Whether you’re an enthusiast or just starting out, Condor tactical backpacks are your best options for outdoor equipment storage. It comes with a cheap price and top quality and will surely survive different activities.

You get more than what you paid for with its durability, functionality, and amazing features that come with each model. Flimsy backpacks have no place under the Condor brand with the high-grade materials they use in each creation.

What are you waiting for? Stop skimping yourself with low-priced backpacks that are also low on quality. Get yourself a Condor tactical backpack and have the best backpack for your journeys!