Factors that make Cold Steel the Best Hunting Knife Brand

Cold Steel is well-known worldwide as the producer of sharp and strong knives.They are the pioneer of optimal hunting knives. Cold Steel prides itself on being an innovative company who always try to improve its products.

Since 1980, Cold Steel produced many different models of knives. These hunting knives provide the highest quality and experience at an affordable price. When you hear the brand Cold Steel, you immediately think of quality.

If you’re planning your next hunting game, then you better look a hunting knife. We are here to guarantee you that Cold Steel is the top among best hunting knives 2019.

Features of Cold Steel Hunting Knives

A hunting knife is a very important tool for hunting. They are specifically designed to be sharp and efficient because hunting involves tough activities. This may go from killing a target, skinning an animal, and many more.

Thus, you need to know first some of the best features of Cold Steel hunting knives. This will give you an idea of what you’re in for, and which would suit your preference.

Ergonomic and Design

When it comes to design and ergonomics, Cold Steel is surely reliable. You can choose from a selection of fixed, folding, or pocket knives. Each knife is shaped and designed to ensure efficiency and comfort.

For instance, Cold Steel Master Hunter Plus Knife features a gut hook. This gut hook makes field dressing easier for a hunter. Even better, the body of the game is opened without ruining its other parts.

This goes to show that a good ergonomics and design helps improve the function of a hunting knife.


Cold Steel is proud of its strong knives. Hunting knives are supposed to be durable due to the high demand for the activity. Hence, there’s always a need to measure the capability of the hunting knives.

The Rockwell Hardness test is used to measure that hardness of each knife. If it’s too soft, the knife will easily bend; if it’s too hard, the knife will break easily. To ensure durability, Cold Steel closely monitors the test for each hunting knife.


All Cold Steel hunting knives are guaranteed safe to use for hunting purposes and other outdoor activities. They also provide warranty for each knife and parts replacement if the knife was damaged by accident.

Knife Blade

Several types of steels are used for the blades of Cold Steel hunting knives. Some are made of stainless steel, while some are made of carbon. Stainless steel is often preferred for hunting knives, especially for skinning.

It is also important that the knife has a sharp point and curved side. The Cold Steel Mini Tac Skinner is a good example of this type of knife. Its sharp blade is designed specifically for skinning.

Overall Length and Weight

Cold Steel hunting knives have various length or weight depending on their design. However, they are generally shorter in length, with blades not more than 5-inches. This is an ideal length because of the detailed work required in hunting.

The weight of the Cold Steel hunting knives is made to keep up with the pace of skinning. It’s a difficult process hence the knife must be more lightweight compared to other types of knife.


These Cold Steel hunting knives are primarily made for hunting and skinning. However, some of them are also good for other functions, such as:

  • Gathering and cutting woods for making fire
  • Sharp points can be used for drilling small holes
  • Chopping vegetables and other ingredients for cooking
  • Defense for combat (only if necessary)


Sheaths and other accessories come with the Cold Steel hunting knives. When you are traveling, you can safely store the knife inside the sheath to prevent accidents. It can also be hung on a belt if you prefer it to be by your side.

Some hunting knives can be foldable. Thus, they can fit well in your pockets or the small pouches of the bag.

Value and Quality

Cold Steel is a master of quality hunting knives. For $20-$100, you have a wide selection of hunting knives to choose from. These knives each have good features that are made specifically for hunting.

The Tri-Ad Lock System is one of the most popular inventions of Cold Steel. It ensures that the lock system of a folding knife is most safe and secure. This is an innovation that shifted the game of the market in terms of quality.

Best Cold Steel Hunting Knives: Frequently Asked Questions

The following is the collected frequently asked questions about hunting knives. To know more about Cold Steel, feel free to contact us.

Is Cold Steel a good brand?

Cold Steel is not just a popular brand; it is also one of the most reliable brands of hunting knives. They are a leading company in the hunting knives industry. Having a Cold Steel hunting knife is as good as having quality right in your hands.

Are Cold Steel knives as good as they say?

Cold Steel hunting knives are always included in the list of best hunting knives by various reviewers. Many customers provide glowing reviews about the power of the Cold Steel hunting knife in various platforms.

This overwhelming amount of good feedback is a testament to the Cold Steel knives’ good quality.

Which is the best Cold Steel hunting knife with fixed blade?

The Cold Steel 49LCKZ SRK Fixed Blade Knife is a 10.75-inch knife, with a 6-inch blade. It has a comfortable handle that is easy to grip. Its blade is extremely sharp and performs well.

Is Cold Steel hunting knives worth for the money?

Cold Steel hunting knives are worth for the money. These hunting knives are crafted and carefully designed by the researchers. Each blade comes from the highest quality material available, so every penny is worth it.

Who makes Cold Steel hunting knives?

Cold Steel hunting knives are produced by the Cold Steel, Inc. They have offices and showrooms located in California and Arizona. However, the knives are usually produced or manufactured in the US, Japan or Taiwan.

Cold Steel Hunting Knives for Sharp Hunts

Efficiency is important in every activity, and it’s certainly needed in hunting. Capturing a hunting target is already difficult as it is. Then there is also the need to properly clean and skin it, either for consumption or for display.

Cold Steel hunting knives are made for this kind of need. Their sharp and strong knives have aided hunters for decades. Having a hunting knife from Cold Steel promises a successful hunting activity, thanks to the quality experience it provides.