Which is the Most Versatile Rangefinder Brand?

For 65 years, Bushnell has been a leading manufacturer of sports optics. From scopes to rangefinders, Bushnell produces quality products for wildlife, tactical, and sports usages.

In particular, Bushnell rangefinders have been one of their most popular products. Bushnell has been and still occupies a safe place in the best rangefinders reviews. But, why? Let us have a glance at them.

Why is it so good?

In every rangefinder criterion, Bushnell rangefinders are ranked A+. This is because, in every stage of production, the Bushnell Company takes a close eye on their products.

As a result, all Bushnell rangefinders are guaranteed to have top quality and durability. Here is a breakdown of how Bushnell rangefinders have aced all the criteria.

Unrivaled Accuracy

No rangefinder-manufacturing company can rival the eagle eye-like accuracy of Bushnell rangefinders. Some Bushnell rangefinders have an accuracy of +/- ½ to one yard and a scope 10 – 1,760 yards and more.

Other Bushnell rangefinders utilize benefitting technologies such as Matrix Display Technology for superior clarity. But, what does the Matrix Display Technology actually do?

The Matrix Display Technology enhances contrast, clarity, and light transmission of the view. Using this technology, you can better see the things in your environment through the lenses of Bushnell rangefinders.

Small But Ergonomic

Never underestimate small rangefinders for, no matter what size, Bushnell rangefinders will always amaze you. Other than the quality of their lenses and new technology, Bushnell rangefinders are incredibly ergonomic.

For example, some Bushnell rangefinders utilize Angle Range Compensation (ARC) technology. In addition, Bushnell rangefinders are easy to carry and easy to use.

They also have different modes that make them extremely versatile. We will discuss the different modes of Bushnell rangefinders under the ‘Functions’ section.


The Bushnell Company is extremely known for their full-time Ironclad warranty. This warranty covers the entire lifetime of each Bushnell product. For each Bushnell product, the lifetime may vary from one to 30 years.

All laser rangefinders are subjected to a one-year limited warranty. Some models of laser rangefinders are also subjected to Bulletproof 100% Money Back Guarantee.

This warranty can be redeemed if you think that your laser rangefinder’s performance does not satisfy you. But, knowing Bushnell rangefinders, it is sure that you will be more than satisfied with Bushnell rangefinders – you will love it!

Len’s Features

Bushnell rangefinders have great lenses. These lenses have aided hunters, military men, and even golfers in viewing and observing their environments.

Some Bushnell rangefinder models have fully multi-coated features. For waterproof Bushnell rangefinders, their lenses are protected with a Rain-Guard HD water-repellant coating. They are also built against damages from water and fog.

The tree ranging and deer ranging performance has been helping for hunters, military men, golfers, and other outdoor sportsmen. These tree range and deer range performances have a scope of 1000 and 500 yards, respectively.


As already stated, Bushnell rangefinders are easy to carry. These great rangefinders are packed in small, convenient sizes. For example, some models weigh only 12.1 ounces. Others weigh 32.7 ounces.

Regardless of these sizes, rangefinders can definitely fit into your backpacks and won’t bring you down during the outdoors. If you are worried about buying another backpack for your rangefinder, no worries!

Some models include special cases with a neck strap for easy carriage. In addition, other models are specially built to be mounted on tripods, if you have one.


While Bushnell specializes in sports optics, their rangefinders are not limited to that. The Bushnell Company produces different rangefinders for different needs. From hunting to golf, you can certainly find a Bushnell rangefinder for your needs.

According to the model and purpose, some Bushnell rangefinders have multiple modes: Bow Mode, Rifle Mode, Scan mode, and others. In rifle mode, your Bushnell rangefinders can provide a line-of-sight, angle, and bullet drop/holdover of a precision rifle.

Other than that, some Bushnell rangefinders built for the outdoors have waterproof features. An example of this is the Rain-Guard HD water-repellant lenses. But, in some models, lenses aren’t the only ones that are water-repellent – it’s the whole rangefinder, itself.

Value and Quality

Other than these criteria, the Bushnell Company prides itself on durability, clarity, and technology. For these reasons, it is no doubt that every Bushnell product is like gold.

But unlike real gold, Bushnell products are extremely affordable and cost-friendly! Wondering how affordable Bushnell rangefinders are?

Best Gerber Tomahawks: Frequently Asked Questions

Now, we know you are probably considering buying Bushnell products, but have some inquiries in mind. Don’t worry, for we have collated all the most frequently asked questions and answered them here! Come and see if your inquiries have been answered below.

Is Bushnell rangefinder good for hunting?

Of course! Bushnell rangefinders have built-in features for hunting. For example, some models have deer ranging and tree ranging performance. They also have several selective targeting systems specialized for hunting.

Moreover, other Bushnell rangefinders have waterproof features to protect against rain.

Which is the best Bushnell rangefinder for hunting?

All Bushnell rangefinders are good for hunting. However, if we were to choose one, it would be the Fusion 1 Mile Arc. It acts both as a binocular and a rangefinder. As a binocular, its lenses have Rain-Guard HD water-repellant coating and BaK-4 prisms for superior clarity.

As a rangefinder, it has a 10 – 1,760-yard ranging performance and a +/- one-yard accuracy. It has two modes: Bow Mode and Rifle Mode. It also makes use of a Matrix Display Technology and Selective Targeting System.

What is the best Bushnell rangefinder for golf?

For Bushnell gold rangefinders, the Pro X2 is the way to go. This rangefinder has a range of 5 – 1300-yard range and 1/2- yard accuracy. Moreover, it is IPX7 waterproof, 6X magnification, and stable grip technology. Perfect for any avid golfer!

Spotting Has Never Been So Easy

With other rangefinders, spotting is as difficult as searching for a needle in a haystack. But with Bushnell, spotting is just a breeze! So, when you are searching for your next rangefinder, always pick Bushnell. Bushnell rangefinder has enough power to turn the whole world into high definition.