Everything You Need to Know About the Best 5.11 Outdoor Tactical Backpacks

If you come across any of the best tactical backpacks reviews, you would have definitely read about 5.11 tactical backpacks. The 5.11 Tactical is a popular brand that provides outdoor survival gears and equipment. These innovators produce some of the best gear for demanding activities. One of their proudest creations is their outdoor tactical backpacks.

Despite being relatively young, the 5.11 outdoor tactical backpacks are admired for their high quality. They went through several product tests and standard check. You can really rest assured that these are one of the best outdoor tactical backpacks.

With that said, here is everything you need to know about the best 5.11 outdoor tactical backpacks!

Features of 5.11 Outdoor Tactical Backpacks

Since the 5.11 outdoor tactical backpacks have a reputation for its authenticity, the company ensures that they only produce quality. Each feature needed for a reliable outdoor backpack is developed. Each backpack is a must for any mission.


The 5.11 outdoor tactical backpacks are famous for their quality. They are a popular brand for soldiers, especially when they’re always on the move. These tactical backpacks are good for carrying gears, food, and other important materials.

Each model often has a number in its name that indicates the full potential of its use. For instance, the 5.11 RUSH24 Tactical Backpack is very useful for 24-hours on the road trip. Its excellent quality gives you the best outdoor experience.


Pressure and risk is always part of any kind of mission. This is usually true for military and survival.  This is a condition acknowledged by the 5.11 outdoor tactical backpacks. Hence, they are made to be resilient in suchkind of situations.

They can withstand heavy equipment and materials. There are several compartments of different sizes. Even better, the 5.11 tactical outdoor backpacks are water resistant, so the contents of your backpack won’t be easily damaged.


What makes an outdoor backpack versatile is its ability to adapt to certain conditions of the surroundings. The 5.11 tactical outdoor backpacks have several features for this. These features help ensure the security of the contents of each backpack:

  • Having dual drainage grommets to let water and moisture inside the backpack to flow out.
  • You can add pouches due to the MOLLE webbing equipped with several parts of the backpack.
  • The 5.11 tactical outdoor backpack may be used for EDC, camping and hiking, and so much more.


The 5.11 tactical outdoor backpack is equipped with many storage compartments to store your items. Aside from the main compartment, there is storage on the front and the sides. The biggest pocket storage on the front may even have smaller compartments.

Having a lot of compartments is good for storing each type of material in one place. Some pockets may contain ready-to-eat food, and other necessities, while the other pockets can contain tactical knives or equipment for survival.

Materials Made Of

To achieve the best quality, the 5.11 tactical outdoor backpacks are made of the some of the best materials existing. Each of these material guarantees that each function of the backpack will work well.

  • The overall material of 5.11 tactical outdoor backpacks is 1050-denier nylon. This type of nylon is one of the toughest fabrics. Having this material prevents the backpack from getting easily torn and damaged.
  • It has a PUx2 coating that enhances its water-resistant capabilities. This helps prevent water from getting inside the back. When you’re walking in the rain, the water will not damage the contents of the backpack.



5.11 tactical outdoor backpacks set itself apart for its unique features. To better understand these features, it is best to look at its top three popular models. These models are uniquely designed and very popular in the market:

  • The 11 Tactical RUSH72 Backpack is best known for being a full-featured 72-hour backpack. You can be on the road in 3 days, and this backpack can carry all that you need during those days.
    • It has a dual front zipper for better security of your bag contents
    • The storage compartments can carry maps, pens, and important documents.
  • The 11 Tactical RUSH24 Backpack is considered as simply the best backpack in the market. It is not just great for military assignments and survival travels, but also great for road trips.
    • Its main features include a roomy main storage area and dual zipping side pockets.
    • It has an easily accessible grab-and-go handle and a zippered compartment for awater
  • The 11 Tactical RUSH12 Backpack is best known as a tactical assault pack, hunting backpack, and emergency go-bag.
    • It has 16 compartments to store various materials and equipment.
    • It also has a SlickStick System which allows you to arrange and customize storage on based on your preference.


The price of the 5.11 tactical outdoor backpack depends on its features and new systems. It is also worth noting that they have high demand on the market. However, when their features are taken into consideration, we find their prices are quite reasonable.

Best 5.11 Outdoor Tactical Backpacks: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the 5.11 outdoor tactical backpacks. Should you have more concern and need more information, feel free to contact us!

What is the best 5.11 tactical backpack?

The 5.11 Tactical RUSH72 Backpack is easily the best 5.11 tactical backpack. It is a great backpack all around, not just for military and survival use but also for EDC. This backpack has a lot of features, most notably a roomy storage area and dual-zipping.

Is 5.11 backpack made in the USA?

The 5.11 backpacks and brand are made and established in the USA. It was a joint venture between the FBI Training Academy and the original 5.11 Pants company. They are continuously expanding their law enforcement gears and wears.

Is there warranty for 5.11 tactical backpacks?

The 5.11 Tactical provide warranty for all of their products, including the 5.11 tactical backpacks. As long as these products are not damaged by intentional abuse, then they provide will repair and replacement for its parts.

Are 5.11 backpacks made in the USA?

The 5.11 backpacks are made in the USA. Their main office is in California.

For Survival and More

The 5.11 tactical outdoor backpack has established itself as one of the leading brands in the backpack industry and is frequently ranked as top rated in the best tactical backpacks reviews. They are well-known for their military and law enforcement capabilities. They are made for risky operations and activities.

These bags are the standard for quality and heavy-duty. Their features are proven to be unrivaled in the market. It will be a total shame to not have a 5.11 tactical outdoor backpack, so get one now for yourself!