How I Fell in Love with Hiking and Camping


I don’t know how you found my blog, but I’m happy to know you’re a hiker and camper, too. For over five years now, I am enjoying the bliss of nature wherever I go. I’m sure that you also find fun in outdoor experiences as much as I do.

Before anything else, let me introduce myself first!

I am Molly Ferello, a lover of nature and a full-pledged hiker and camper. This is something that I honestly never thought I should do. I have always been an indoor person who would rather spend the day at home.

Back in my college days, my friends would often feel frustrated because I always turn down their invitation. My friends happened to be a group of people who enjoy camping and hiking. Meanwhile, I am the odd one out who can’t be bothered going along.

​How It All Started

After so many invites, they are already giving up on me. But towards the end of our semester, my friend had just broken up with her long-time boyfriend. She wanted to go camping, so I had no choice but to come along and comfort her.

My friend always tells me that I should not say no to something I haven’t tried yet. True enough, when we reached this camping site in my friend’s hometown, I was mesmerized. Everything was so quiet and peaceful.

It was a summer day and there was no sign of rain, so we easily set up our camping tents. Some of us just brought camping cots with them. We also had a cooler full of drinks and food for the campfire.

My first camping experience with friends is utterly memorable. We shared the best stories, sang a lot of songs, and had the best food and drink. But most of all, it was an experience that started a new passion in me.

​My First Hiking Experience Alone

Even if I’m already working, I still find the time to go camping and hiking with my friends. It is one way for us to reconnect and relax despite our busy lives.

I’m sure that any hiker like me had at least one hiking experience alone. As for me, I hiked all on my own as a challenge to myself. I have always gone up the mountains with my friends, so I decided to try going up alone.

Believe me, it was a different experience. I was all by myself for hours, with a camping bag filled with food, water, and all kinds of gears. I only had music as a companion.

But when you’re alone, you really feel like you’re the only person in the world. It was the most amazing feeling. As long as you have enough food and gears that can last for a few hours (or days), you’re good.

​Try Something New

My advice to you as a fellow hiker or camper is to always try something new. Do not stick to one hiking trail or mountain trail. I know that camping is usually done in groups, but it doesn’t hurt to try it on your own.

Also, your outdoor gears are complete especially when you’re hiking or camping alone. You are basically cut off from the world for a few hours or days. Besides, you might encounter some unforeseen danger, so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.