7 Cool Trekking Places You Need to Visit Around Jaipur

Enter your text here...India is a diverse country. When I say diverse, I don’t only mean its culture and cuisine – but also its terrain as well. There are areas with beautiful palaces, temples, and architectural wonders like in the city of Jaipur. But there’s actually more to this city than man-made infrastructures – there are a handful of magnificent landscapes that will excite the most avid hikers and campers alike.

If you haven’t tried trekking around Jaipur, well, I’m sorry to say you’re clearly missing half your life! To get you started, here are the top 7 cool trekking places you definitely need to visit around Jaipur.

1.  Nahargarh Fort


​Sitting atop the edge of Aravalli Hills boasting the beautiful Amer Fort and Jaigarh Fort, this place is a must-see spot for trekking around Jaipur. These wonders are considered as architectural jewels in India. Here’s an interesting legend for you, it has been said that Nahargarh Fort was cursed by the Rathore prince’s spirit named Nahar Singh Bhomia. While the fort construction was being done, people said the prince’s spirit haunted the place, hindering the construction. Because of this, the Maharaja, the landowner, then built a temple inside which was dedicated to the prince.

Going back to trekking, the trek takes around two to three hours and the fort is only open from 10 am to 5:30 pm.

2.  Pushkar 


​If sunset views are your thing, you’ll definitely love trekking at Pushkar. It’s situated around 150 kilometers from Jaipur city and is a town in the district of Rajasthan. During the trek, you’ll be feasting your eyes on the Ratnagiri Hills which has the amazing Savitri Devi – a temple which has been built for the wife of Lord Brahma. The district of Rajasthan has so much to offer when it comes to scenic views and this trekking tour is perfect for all fitness levels. The trek usually lasts for four hours and you also get to enjoy lunch in a rooftop restaurant if you book one of their packaged tours.

​3. Garh Ganesh

Garh Ganesh

​The most popular trail in Garh Ganesh is the Garh Ganesh Temple all the way to the CharanMandir trail. If you’re a total beginner in trekking, this is the best choice for you as the trek is quite short and easy. One reason why this trek is popular for beginners is that almost half of the trail has a paved surface. The Jal Mahal is a wonder you’ll get to witness while on your trek.

​4.  Kumbhalgarh


​Kumbhalgarh has a pretty interesting history. In the 15th century, it was constructed as a defensive fortress built by RanaKumbha of Mewar. It’s 3,500 feet high on a hill which overlooked the enemies from Ajmer and Marwar. And ironic as it is, it’s now easily accessible from Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer, and Pushkar-yet. You will get to see a 36-kilometer long wall and soaring towers during your hike.

​5.  Mount Abu

Mount Abu

​If you’re tired of all the man-made constructions, you can delight in the stunning Mount Abu with its beautiful lakes, waterfalls, landscapes, sunset views, thick green forests, and more. In total, there are around 17 nature trails and pathways that can get the most seasoned hiker ecstatic. You can also enjoy other activities within your hike like rock climbing, rappelling, and wildlife watching.

​6.  Udaipur


​It’s always a humbling feeling when you get to immerse in the country’s local culture and people. When you book trekking tours in Udaipur, you will be introduced to life in the villages here and get to spend some ample time with the locals – learning about their way of life. Of course, trekking in Udaipur will leave you awe-stricken as you get to see the Monsoon Palace and the fascinating Badi Lake – a photographer’s haven.

​7.  Alwar 


​Located around 160 kilometers from Jaipur city, this well-known trekking destination in Rajasthan is popular for its pleasant lush greenery amidst the desert-laden district of Rajasthan. The most popular trail in Alwar is the Sariska-Alwar-Amber. The best time to go is during the winter. You may also rough it up by camping in the open countryside.

The city of Jaipur absolutely has all kinds of gems to offer to avid adventurers wanting to see the country’s magical scenic and man-made views. All you need to do is – take that first step, pack your top backpacks, and go!